Boundaries Crossed by Richard V. Yoeun

Why does Education always affect those that seem to want to understand it the most? Within the interviews that are within my podcast, My Brother Chantha Yoeun speaks out about why Math was a "challenge" to him. Also another, my cousin, Saraight Chuon, also speaks out about his problems with Math as well. For College students now, they reflect on what was their struggle back in the days.

Richard's Interview
​In the Podcast, there is a story of a boy who strived to understand math but couldn't because he felt as if it "overwhelmed" him. Just the fact that looking at numbers were like hieroglyphics or that he just couldn't comprehend any of it. He felt weak and just wanted to get away from it and did as much as possible to avoid it. My Brother opened up about something he rarely does in the family and today, we listened.

With my cousin, he was talking about his whole Freshmen-Sophomore years and how he would mess around. That was not a goal of choice but it happened. School became harder and now he's in that "slum" state. He talked about how he didn't get material within math until a week later. He felt weak and stupid. But sometimes, you just gotta know that you are not alone.

This was the first time that I did a podcast and the first time I used Audacity, it was pretty hecktic at first but then i figured out what happened then it was easy.

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