Climate Change Monologue Project

In this unit of my World History class, we are learning about climate change and how it affects Earth and all of us. We also looked into people's variety of opinions on global warming including extreme activists non-believers, and those affected by natural disasters that were results of climate change. The goal that I had for my monologues was to explore the views of three very different people with various and unique views on the subject and why they have these specific opinions.

Senator Jim Inhofe

Good afternoon my fellow senators and representatives. My name is Jim Inhofe and I would like to address a recurring argument in these meetings which is climate change. We hear about the issue of global warming everywhere we turn, but just because it is a repeated phrase thrown into these discussions doesn’t mean that it has any real worth or meaning. Who’s to say it isn’t all just a hoax meant to trick us into buying into a cause that isn’t occurring. Why do you believe climate change is real?..Because some scientist says so. How do you trust them to know they are right? Meteorologists are scientists that make assumptions about the weather, but is it not true that they are wrong a lot of the time. They say there is 0% chance of rain and you look outside and it is raining. What are the chances of that? Science itself is all just a bunch of theories that can’t always be proven. We are only human and we don’t have the knowledge or the power to state that global warming is real. The only one who has that power is God. God knows and controls everything. It is arrogant and disrespectful that we are so quick to say that we have the power to change the climate. That is not our power that is God’s will. I see you all snickering and I know exactly what you’re thinking! Oh, he’s just some crazy religious fool. I may be religious, but I am not crazy nor am I a fool. Anyone who buys into this scheme is a fool, because all you are doing is filling scientists pockets with useless money for them to stop something that probably isn’t happening. Even if the climate is changing we can’t assume that we are the ones doing it, because we’re on God’s earth and we are his creation. So he controls us, the land we stand upon, and the air we breathe. With that being said we should disregard this global warming hoax as nothing but scientists trying to fool us into giving them money for their “important research”. (Sits down and sighs) Why do they always laugh at me? I'm not crazy! They are close minded and refuse to admit the truth, and I feel sorry for them.

To Whom It May Concern

To whom it may concern,

It’s’s all gone. Swept away within a blink of an eye. Now a place that I used to call home is just a plain of trash as far as the eye can see. Trees that once stood tall are nothing but scattered branches. I now stand alone in a city called New Orleans that once had its sidewalks filled with joyous people not too long ago. It is a depressing scene that will forever haunt me. But only this nightmare is real and her name is Katrina. Such a beautiful name for such a heartless creature. She flooded the coast, desecrated homes, stole innocent, including my sweet, good-hearted little sister. You have heard about this tragedy on the radio or seen pictures on the news and you say, "Aww that's horrible!" and "Oh they are in my prayers." Then you go back to your more demanding life. Stop lying to yourself..this is your’s all our faults. We are too blind to see what we are doing. We are hurting mother Earth and now she is getting her revenge. We are too consumed in out daily lives to realize the damage that we do to the Earth every single day. What will it take for you to see that there needs to be a change? Are you going to sit on your ass and wait for this to happen to you or are you going to open your eyes and ears in order to understand how we are hurting ourselves by ruining this Earth. You know what?! I don’t even know why I addressed this letter to whom it may concern, because that is no one. (Drops letter)

Money Over Existence

Hey I’m on my lunch break.. I miss you too, but I should be home in about a week. We are almost done repairing the electrical and phone lines in New Orleans. I can’t wait to see you and the boys when I come home. Hows school going for them?..Did John bring his math grade up?...That’s good..Tell them I love them and that I will beat their butts if they misbehave while I’m away...okay I’ll call you back tonight when I get off work..alright have a good day. I love you…(hangs up phone and sits in the back of a open van and takes a bite of sandwich) Ugh I told them no pickles..those people can’t get anything wonder they get paid minimum wage. (steps on crumpled piece of paper) What the heck? (picks up paper and opens it) To whom it may concern...Damn I hope this girl is okay. I just heard about this global warming stuff on the news this morning. It must be pretty bad, but hey it pays my bills and feeds my kids so I can't really complain. I can’t fix electrical wires if there are incidents like hurricanes to create them. Plus, hurricane season means the biggest paycheck for me. I also can't support something that might put me out of a job one day or else I'll be the one making crappy sandwiches for five dollars and getting paid minimum wage. (folds paper and shoves it in his pocket and goes back to work)

The video below shows me performing "To Whom It May Concern"