Design Project

Design Project (2)
I made this for tecknology class. The idea was that we would make a slide of anything. We would have to learn design princabels to make it look good. I chose sking and these are bullet points of what I did what I did-

-I chose this because I love to ski

-I chose to right cuase insteead of becuase I wanted "love to ski" on it’s own line

- I matched the color of the word Skiing to the color of the ski’s

-Then in my second textbox I made the color a light gray to complement the whitish snow

-Then I put the pictures of the skis are on the bottom left two intersections, on the rule of thirds.

-Then I have sKing in the top right intersection

-Then my text box in the bottom two.

-I edited the picture so their will be no copy write issues and the sky did not complement the black background.

Design Project (1)
This is my revised version of my slide-
- I changed the font to add on overlay to make it look more visualy intresting.
-I made the font larger because there was to much negative space.
-I shortened the text to reduce wordeness.