Echo Freedom


After 30 years of fighting, he finally was able to rest. It was over. The 8 Space Rings blew up, one after the other. Watching that these weapons of destruction go down was the best thing that Humanity could feast their eyes on. Soldiers cheering, the women and children crying of joy and happiness. They were finally free... Free... free. It kept boggling his mind, as he walked towards the exosuit remover. It was his time to remove his battle armor and discontinue his life of fighting. He thought it was over...

Echo was a boy that didn’t develop correctly. He was short and weak compared to the other boys in the orphanage. His story same as the others, parents died, no one would take him, orphanage. He was picked on because he was the smallest child of the orphanage. The orphanage reeked of mold and dirty clothes. The attendants would ignore the fights, brushing it off with “Boys will be boys” or “they’re just playing.” One day the boys were picking on Echo and he had enough of it.

“Hey tiny, what’s the matter?” One of the boys said, pushing Echo

“No...Nothing.” Echo replied, submitting to the push and fell.

“Why don’t you ever stand up for yourself? Oh I forgot, cause you’re a small shit!” The boy said, as others laughed circling around. Echo stood up

“I..try. But you guys are too big.” Echo looked up at the boy

“You don’t do anything small fry, that’s why we are better than you. You’re parents died because you don’t stand up for yourself, you don’t do anything right. They DIDN’T WANT YOU AND COULDN’T LIVE WITH YOU!” the boy scolded Echo. Echo clenched his fist.

“Don’t say that, that’s not true, they loved me. I think they did.” Echo grabbed his pencil.

The boys surrounded Echo and began to taunt him about his parents not wanting him. As they continued Echo ran and tackled the biggest boy and stabbed him repeatedly with the pencil straight into his throat. The blood drenched the boy’s shirt and bed, and Echo was covered with his blood. The others watched in disgust and shock. The boy who was stabbed, bled to death. People walked in.

“We will take that one.” a soldier said, pointing at Echo

“But he’s the smallest and... OH MY GOD!” the attendant finally looked at the dead boy.

“We are going to take him for killing this boy.” the soldier said with a straight look.

They left the room as the attendants quickly went to the boy.

“You know why we are here for you right?” the soldier spoke, looking at Echo

“Was it because I killed the boy...” Echo softly spoke, looking to the ground.

“Your parents wanted us to recruit you into the Military if they ever were to die. You are going to be put through school full time with private tutors helping you in every way.” The soldier said, getting into the car.

“But what for? I am only 7. I don’t know anything about war.” Echo replied

“But you killed the boy, did you not?” The Soldier questioned.

Echo said nothing and was being taken to a military school on planet Gohma. Put through school till he graduated college. He went through tactical plans, studying the enemy, fighting tactics from CQC (Close Quarters Combat) to Long Distant Fighting. He study how things on most ships should work. His final test was to put him through the injections. He was 20 years old and he was going through the injections as the syringes slowly pierced his skin. The steroids going throughout his body, his body reacts to the steroids, taking affect on his cells, the nanomachines going into his bloodstream regulated the way different proteins reacted to his muscles. More oxygen flowing through his blood to strengthen his entire body. He left the table where they injected him. He was different, Echo felt as if he was ready for anything.

“What happened.. How did I become like this?” Echo asked.

“It’s a prototype of an enhancer that we wanted to use to create perfect soldiers. We will monitor your behavior while you're in the field. “ The Doctors said.

Echo walked over to a commissioning station  and as he was walking, he seen a suit made of some type of metal. It was in pieces.

“Is that going on me?” Echo wondered.

The suit was green, it had black veins lining throughout the entire body. He walked up to the suit and wondered.

“Are you ready?” one scientists asked.

“I am...” Echo blankly replied.

He stepped onto the platform where he put his arms into holders on the 11 and 1 o’clock sections of the commissioning station. The robotics arms moved in sync putting on both his right and left sides. The pieces fitting perfectly to his body were drilled shut together. There was an open spine section that they place a central nerve robotic spine which drilled into his spine and wrapped around it. This connected every thought he had to the suit. He was one with the suit. He got off the platform and turned towards the helmet. He grabbed the helmet and looked into the visor.

“This is the last time you will see light with your real eyes. Are you willing to give that up?” said a scientists.

“What is the point to asking such a question if I’ve already gone this far?” replied Echo.

He put on the helmet and it tightened around his head, fitting firmly. There was an open slot in the nape of the suit, where they inserted a chip that held a human-artificial intelligence core.

“What is that? Echo asked.

“This is the first ever human cell generated artificial intelligence. Responsive, Efficient, Adaptive, Cunning, Human. REACH.” The scientist said, with a smile on his face. Echo grinned.

Echo took the chip and inserted it into his head. The entire suit made a noise and moved. Echo had full control over the suit. It was time.

15 Years after Echo has been commissioned...

“Sir! We are taking heavy fire! Please come when you can!” Marine said over the radio.

“Spartan, I need you to get out there and bring our boys back to the LZ point! ASAP” commanded the Lieutenant  

Echo went forth with the mission that he was assigned. Being that this is just another rescue mission that he was use too.

“Don’t you think you should take some caution when doing this SUICIDE JUMP!!!” Reach whimpered

Echo jumped out of the aircraft and dove straight down into Enemy territory. He landed atop an alien, where he shot it straight in the head. The others aliens looked back and began to shoot at him with their plasma weapons. Some semi-automatic and others rapid fire. Echo ducked for cover. Scouted for different routes and found the easiest way through. He threw a grenade and ran through. The battled lasted merely 30 minutes. Echo’s mastered a lot of his skills over the years and began to command his own fleets. War to him was becoming dull and the same. Years pasted as Echo was aging. He grew older, yet still vigilant. He was a soldier, that’s what the army expected of him. One day, Echo was called back to the HQ of United Nations of Space Control. As he arrived to the docks of the HQ, he looked around. Different variations of the Super Suit that he wears. He looked around it amazement and shock.

“I thought I was the only one.” thought Echo

“I can’t believe they made this many in this time, now everyone would have one.” Reach remarked.

Doctor Hastings walked up to Echo.

“Remember me?” Dr. Hastings asked

“Sure do doc, remember you and everything else like it was yesterday. How come there are so many now” Echo replied in awe. Dr. Hastings leads him into a lab room.

“Remember when we said we were going to monitor you after this research? So we did and the results were phenomenal! We wanted to continue research and we were granted by the government to make 1000 more soldiers following you.” Dr. Hastings said with excitement.

Echo walked over and notice they were heading towards a commissioning station. he was wondering

“Are they going to do something to me?” Echo thought.

“Echo, I have something to ask you. How would you like to finally rest. Like rest with no worries of war.” Dr. Hastings asked.

“That is something I haven’t heard in a while Doctor. I would love to, but I cannot stray away from my duties of being a soldier.” Echo replied

“You can finally live your life. Plus the armor that you wear is an old out of date model. It will deteriorate soon if you do not take it off. You are marked from head to toe with battle scars..”

“Something you cannot take away from me sir.” Echo interrupted. “But if you wish to decommission me, then I will let it be sir.” Echo said. Dr. Hastings readied the commissioning process.

As the robotic arms came down, there was an explosion.

“RED ALERT, RED ALERT, WE ARE UNDER ATTACK.” the loudspeaker repeated.

Echo and Hastings are heading towards the main control deck to figure out what’s happening.

“Doctor, please you need to get on the Autumn, it’s the only place where they won’t find you.” Echo said, Hastings following his orders.

The Aliens breached the blast doors leading to the commissioning area and began to destroy the machines. There was a small amount of the soldiers that were due for commissioning only had parts of their suits on and tried to fight against the aliens. The soldiers began to fall one by one. Until there were only the ones that had a full suit on. They fought to cover Echo and Dr. Hastings. They escaped.

The Autumn was a transportation ship designed to carry large supplies of different weaponry, vehicles, and soldiers to different sections of the galaxy. This was a perfect ship to escape during an attack because it had just enough fuel to use slip-space travel to get good distance from any problems. The Autumn slip-space traveled into a section where there were no planets around, just asteroids. It was empty as one could say. There was no life.

“How the hell could they find the HQ?!?” Hastings angrily said

“Sir, we didn’t know that they put trackers on our ships from our last encounter.” a soldier replied.

“There shouldn’t be a way that slipped from under our noses! You are soldiers and should be more attentive to these things!”

Hastings put a lot of thorough research into the commissioning of Spartan Soldiers, for it to just be gone. Not even the soldiers that were to be commissioned survived. It all had to be started from scratch.

“You still have me sir.” Echo said

“BUT YOU ARE JUST A PROTOTYPE!!!” Hastings shouted. “You weren’t even suppose to live during the injections. You were a mere guinea pig for military use. We didn’t NEED you, we used you because you killed a boy and there was nothing for you to even go to in life. If we were to let you be, you would’ve been in jail for murder. You are the broken one, the one that no one will ever think will live to see the light of day. You are nothing!” Hastings shouted to Echo.

Echo stood staring at Hastings while other soldiers stood around in silence. The silence was interrupted by a plasma beam. From the window air there was a hole in which space vacuumed. The blast shielding shut close to keep the vacuum from getting worst. In that collection of minutes, Hastings gripped his neck as blood spewed from the hole in his throat. He dropped to the floor looking at Echo. Echo took his pistol and shot the doctor directly in the head to put him out of his misery. The soldiers, in cover, questioned him at first, but understood.

“They followed us..” Echo said.

“RED ALERT! RED ALERT! ALL PERSONNEL EVACUATE VIA ESCAPE PODS” loudspeaker repeats. Echo and his squad began to move towards the escape pods.

“Sir, we have to get you off this shi... BOOM!”

An explosion from a plasma grenade blows a section of the ship where members of Echo’s squad were vaporized, body parts all over. Echo couldn’t believe what was going on, it was something he never went through often. The blast had his suit locked due to the electromagnetic pulses going rapidly throughout his body. The aliens walked towards his body speaking their language.  He thought about what happened back at HQ, how he was going to finally be decommissioned. Finally be at peace, resting, possibly Die happy. What he thought about as the aliens were dragging him.

Free.. Free... Free....” it repeated

In a burst of energy, he hit both the aliens that were holding him, took a gun, and shot the window leading to space. He took a deep breath and jumped. The vacuum sucked him out and he was left free falling from the Autumn. To conserve the oxygen in his suit, he froze it. Just before complete freezing, Reach directed him towards a nearby planet. The planet was his last vision before he was completely frozen..

“Echo! ECHOOO!!! WAKE UP!!” Reach distortedly said.

Echo woke up as his suit began to heat him up. He crashed landed on a shore.

“Where are we?” Echo said.

“Due to my calculations... hmm, that’s weird, it’s not giving me a set location” Reach responded.

“Doesn’t hurt to reach some high ground to get our bearings, let’s go towards that mountain.” Echo said, Reach calculating time.

“ETA 45 minutes. Sounds like a good idea.”

Echo began his journey. Neither the two knew what was on that planet or what the planet had in store. Echo crossed over chasms, through rivers, around cliff faces. Finally they arrived to the mid point up the mountain.

“Sir, are you getting..tired?” Reach asked

“I am beginning to feel a little fatigued.” Echo replied.

There was a low pitched noise that Echo spotted out, he began to walk towards the noise. Echo began to get tiresome and wished he could sleep, something he didn’t get much of. He collapses.

Waking up, he notices a strange figure at a distance, he reaches for his knife. The figure walks up to him as he tries to stab. It grabs his hand and disarms him. Echo gets up and tries to fight with the figure. It wasn’t human for sure. It was a metal being with a glowing light emitting from the heart region and other regions of it’s body. It glowed throughout the body. Echo tried to fight the being and lost. The metal being knocked him down and out. Echo blanked out.

Free... Free... So close but it’s just too far, to be free...”

Echo opened up his eyes, he seen more of these metal beings. They were surrounding him.

“Why do you come here human?” one of the beings asked, Echo still in a daze

“Why do you trespass when we told you long before to never come back again. The civilization of before time do not wish to tamper with the corrupt beings that were born from our genetics. You are all are nothing to us. Be gone human.” said the leader.

“Who are you..” Echo whispered

“Who am I? The leader in which brought peace to this land from the uprise of the mutants we call you humans. I am known as the Oracle.” it answered.

It grabbed Echo by the throat and lifted him up, he began to scan the structure of Echo. Noticing that Echo’s physical structure has been tampered with he questioned,

“Who did this to you human?” The Oracle examined.

“It was a doctor, he is gone now..” Echo said gasping for air.

The Oracle brought Echo to a chamber. It was filled with weapons and scraps of metals.

“What is this place?” Echo questioned

“This is the Warrior’s Battle Room, we are here to battle.” said the Oracle.

Echo knew this was a test and the Oracle was dead set on seeing if this is his last battle to put him to rest. The Oracle raised his fists and so did Echo. They fought, Echo still tired, did not keep up with his opponent. Echo thought about what he was close too

Free.. freedom.. rest...” he thought, as the Oracle punched him straight to the floor.

Echo was disorientated. He couldn’t fight anymore, but he got up every time he was knocked to the ground. There were others of the beings watching him, surrounding Echo and The Oracle in the room. They were watching his every move.

“Sir, you’re going to have to fight if you want to live. Please sir, give it your all.” Reach shouted.

“Alright, I’m going to finish this fight.” Echo said determined.

As the Oracle stood in front of Echo, he said

“Pathetic human, you cannot defeat your creator, tis impossible. I have the upper hand. You might as well let me finish you off where you stand.”

“No. Not today, not ever.” Echo replied, ripping off a part of his helmet.

Echo rushed the Oracle and began to hit him with a barrage of attacks. The Oracle surprised at his explosion of energy. The nano machines in Echo were living on their last line of breathe before they would shut down. Echo began to grapple the Oracle and started to rip off pieces of his body. Metal shrapnels went flying in the distance. The Oracle broke loose and punched Echo to the point his armor began to break and shatter. Echo’s body had openings. The armor that was meant to protect him and shield him finally broke, it need rest, just like him. Reach couldn’t connect to Echo’s thoughts. There was lag and Echo couldn’t take anymore.

“Have you enough boy?” The Oracle asked

“I still have enough for one more fight, this is it, give me all you got.” Echo replied, coughing blood.

“Is this where you find your peace? Fighting? You are the soldier they wanted you to be. You are the monument to all your sins. You are the one that brings and causes death to others. But in all this catastrophe, you find peace among it. Why?” The Oracle said.

“It’s because I was picked to do so.” Echo shouted, running towards the Oracle

“Foolish boy.” The Oracle thought, dodging, pierced his hand through Echo’s chest.

Echo coughed blood, gasped for air and had nothing to say. He smiled.

Finally Free.. It’s over, finally over. Free.. Free... Free...” Echo thought.

Echo reached for the Oracle’s head and went limp. He was dead.

“Humanity is the root of trouble, they are the newborns of the universe. They do not know what is wrong nor what is right. They fight and fight till they grow themselves extinct. They will never find peace within themselves, ever. War is all they know, that is in the genetics. Emotions that have no meaning, aggression that has no purpose. Deaths for no reason. They wonder why they are hated by other beings.”

The Oracle stood over Echo’s body,

“You truly are a soldier, now you are at peace.” The Oracle remarked, reaching to close Echo’s eyes.

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Teion Ensley-Ellerbe (Student 2015)
Teion Ensley-Ellerbe

I liked the whole story overall. It's good how you spread out the sci-fi instead of just throwing it in random places. I like echo's character development but I feel like it's kinda rushed sometimes. Since you skip such long periods it's hard to tell exactly what events made him the way he is.