Going Crazy Via Silence

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Bea Gerber (Student 2019)
Bea Gerber

This essay really lets the readers in your head. Because this topic wouldn't really come up too much in conversation, it's really nice to get to hear about this important part of you, and hear it how you want it to be heard. You show a lot of emotion and it is clear that you seek further growth. A big theme was social norms or interactions, and you feel like you struggle with those. You are aware that you can be driven to silence and I like how you continuously made it clear that you wanted to be heard more in the future. Great story!

John Sugrue (Student 2019)
John Sugrue

Your story gives me a really deep insight into what your life is like. One big understanding I took from this is sort of what it's like to be unconfident with yourself and how that affects your attitude and your life as a whole. I really enjoyed this look into your life, and how you're not too afraid to be personal with the reader. Great job!

Lily Rivera (Student 2019)
Lily Rivera

Tommy, I thought this was really great! To be honest, I can really relate to your feelings in this, as well as the lesson learned and how you've come to attempt to overcome your feelings. The way you told the story and making sure your emotions were clear was great. The message was clear and it really resonated with me. Great job!

Mindy Saw (Student 2019)
Mindy Saw

A big understanding I got from your essay is that the people you are around influences the person you are around people other than them. It relates to systems because there are many systems where since you live with one or is always with one, you are most likely viewed as a person of that sort, even if you do not realize it. I liked how you mentioned brief phrases about how people responded to you and how it made you feel.