Herstory Poem

She is from homes, from tiny one room houses in the middle of nowhere, row-homes in the bustling city, condominiums in the insignificant but not so insignificant towns.

She is from the small, quiet, backwater town.

She is from Nurses, and the hours of hard work at school then more work at home

She is from half  birthdays and one sided dimpled faces, from Gretchen and Bambi and Trevor.

She is from the Dedicated and Fun-loving.

From girls can do anything and girls should wear appropriate clothing.

She is from christianity. Going to church every Sunday, rain or shine. Holding on to her beliefs like a lifeline.

She is from Mississippi and back breaking work, grits and bacon.

She is from New Jersey, Florida, Philadelphia. Places she followed those she loved so she could catch them if the fell.