Informing The Public

Hello readers! 

Today, I will be addressing how the movie “Blood Diamond” helped me open my eyes to what was actually going on in the world.  First, let me tell you about Leonardo DeCaprio’s experience making the film.  In an interview on You Tube, Leonardo says that he never made a socially conscious movie before.  The interviewer is almost oblivious that he said this, and acts as though he is just meeting someone famous.  I think this movie would be more effective if they didn’t use very famous actors, because people, when they see someone acting that they saw in a previous movie, tend to not take it as seriously.  It therefore has little effect on most people.   But, it is also true that many people would not even see the movie unless it had someone famous in it.  So, filmmakers have to balance attention with truth in documentation.  Most people don’t watch documentaries, and a documentary on blood diamonds would be really hard to see.  I personally think that making this movie a docudrama was the right thing to do, because of its balance of publicity and information.  If they really wanted to get the point across they could have Leonardo make more public speeches about the African diamond trade.


 If you are interested in viewing this interview click here