Kiamesso DaSilva Capstone

My purpose for Capstone 2017 was to design a project in which I could exercise my language skills while practicing the ability to synthesize and spread the messages of others. Since I read Spanish fluently, I decided to embark on a Spanish to English translation project). Originally, I sought to translate Júlio César de Mello e Souza’s 1949 Portuguese masterpiece O Homem que Calculava, but the book was translated someone else in June of 2016 so I settled for a children’s book that I loved instead: Laura García Gallego’s La Emperatriz de los Eteréos, which translates to The Ethereal Empress.

It’s set in a fictional society far in the future, in which the Earth has become a frozen wasteland dotted with pockets of civilization. Bipa, a pragmatic young woman, embarks on a journey to find Aer, the flighty boy who has abandoned their community’s safe haven in the Caves. On the way, she learns to confront her biases, embrace the unknown, and defend the nature of humanity. The book is long (240 pages), and my translation is incomplete, but I reached my goal of translating the first two chapters. I am in the process of contacting the publishing company for a contract to finish the rest.

Throughout this year, I have learned about the painstaking process of capturing the essence of language. I learned to adjust my goals and reflect while persevering through a tough cycle of reading, translating, and editing, and I am proud of the work I’ve accomplished.

Access the first chapter here.

Access my bibliography here.