Kimberly Gucciardi- Kriegh Media Fluency Slide

Media Fluency  (1)
The reason I put the microphone in that corner is so it bleeds off of my slide. Just like in the picture of myself in the top right hand corner, it has the illusion of my arm not on the slide. It somewhat looks like it is bleeding off the slide. I inserted pictures of myself, my friends, and my family because I mention that in my slide. Just like the pictures of the microphone, makeup, those are a few of the actives I mention I like to do. The heart resemble my happy, loving, and positive personality The background is pink because I like that color, and I think the white font matches it well. I think it shows my personality through pictures and words well and it really shows me as a person. It does not stray away from the main topic of my one slide and is extremely visual.