Kimberly Gucciardi-Kriegh

Media Fluency
I recreated my slide, and changed a few things. I stuck with the meaning, which is that when I was little, my mom and I loved to make collages. But I cut out all text from my slide, besides my name, and really let my pictures do the talking. You can fill in the blanks yourself and in the first slide, the words did not let you do think for yourself and were not needed. I still kept my microphone, and picture of myself, bleeding off the slide. Also, this way my whole slide is full on collage.  I changed the font to a little bit more sassy and fun one, with a matching color to the background. Both the text color, and the background match and they are both colors I love. I also kept in mind that the text and my pictures could not touch, I kept the pictures in line as best as I could, it was difficult because my pictures were different shapes and sizes. I also changed some text that was irrelevant, like that my favorite holiday is Christmas, and replaced it with pictures of more of my hobbies, such as softball, and photography.