Macbeth Benchmark (Creative/Reflection Portion)

Benchmark Reflection Questions
  1. This project is about how Lady Macbeth never felt that Macbeth was enough. How she always wanted more from him, and when he delivered, it was never enough.
  2. I didn't really know what I was going to do for the creative part of my project. So I asked around to see what others were doing for their projects. When I heard that someone was doing a poem I felt like that was something I could do, that would go well with my thesis. 
  3. At fist it was hard because I didn't really know how to put my quotes in the poem and make it flow right, but then I decide not to care about the flow of the poem, and just write it. 
  4. I would say I proud of the whole project, because I finished both parts on time and to the best of my ability.
  5. If I had more time to work on m creative pice I would try to find better pictures to go with my poem, and maybe record my voice. 
  6. From my colleges' presentations/projects I leaded that even though somethings are the same they can be represented in many different ways.
  7. What I learned about my self during the course of this project is that I am not good at procrastination.