Maciej Pokora Capstone

For my senior capstone project, I wanted to create an online resource that contains my self-made educational engineering videos. I wanted to target and provide videos for an audience of high school teens, but they are created so that anyone who is older can also utilize and learn from them. Being a core member of the SLA Engineering and Robotics team, I had been able to learn all sorts of safety tips and proper techniques for using all of the equipment around the workshop. This 4 year-long experience has provided a learning environment where I was always learning and improving my craft and still did while even creating these videos. I wanted to take this opportunity to create a website, where I would be passing on that information and have it become my own personal storage place where I would continuously upload videos, even after SLA. Part of my process was to learn how to shoot and edit videos as well as how to create a website. These were both very fun learning experiences that I dedicated a lot of my time toward. One of my goals with this Capstone was to be very accessible to my audience, I made sure to provide easy contact page where anyone can ask me questions. My overarching goal was to create a website where I can provide an educational environment for those interested in engineering. My Website: My Bibliography: