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LAN (Local Area Network) is an ethernet in which you can connect to your pc, servers, other devices. On my internet connection, I have my ipod, phone, printer, desktop, 2 Laptops and 1 mobile phone. 

My moment from O.M.G ,I have learned many things to protect yourself from hackers and stranger that can access your network and your files. ISP is an internet service provider that provide an access to internet. Your ISP can be cable or Wifi, using Wifi you can connect wireless devices using the password that you have on your Wifi and using cable you can connect to your desktop. Putting password on your wifi will secure you so no one can have an access to your network. If you don't put the password your network will slow down and other users can access it.

I will tell people that they need to know about their internet is that they need to put their routers above the ground and then you will get good connection.

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