Mapping Out Hate

White nationalist propaganda found on the streets of Philadelphia by me
White nationalist propaganda found on the streets of Philadelphia by me
In my first post we talked about the rising issue of nationalist propaganda continuing to grow more prevalent in Philadelphia. You can find that post here. Before conducting my original research for this segment of my project, I decided to find two more sources to cover a spot I can’t cover. This spot is the campus of Temple, so I poked around online and found that this is one of the most prevalent areas for hate group propaganda. You can take a look at those articles here and here, where you’ll read about how hate groups such as identity evropa and others, most prevalently Keystone United, are putting up propaganda stickers and recruitment fliers around Temple’s campus.
In the research I’ve conducted I’ve found some interesting things. For my original research portion of this issue I decided to conduct a field observation to scope out what we’re looking for in our areas such as hate group propaganda and fliers and map them out for my agent of change. What I saw from this is that it’s actually way more than just Keystone United pasting their bigotry all around town. I’ve found groups like Kekistan/Kekistanis (Alt-right white nationalists), Identity Evropa (Neo-nazi group), The Traditionalist Workers Party (white nationalist/neo-nazi political party, backs Keystone United), and the Three Percenters (Far-right patriot group) are also doing the same! Hate groups are all getting their message out there. It’s our job, the youth, to take care of this before it worsens, if the kids are united they will never be divided. We alone can make the future a better place free of genocidal organizations that keep minorities of all kinds from feeling safe on our streets.
I set out to see where this hate was being expressed, and I found interestingly enough that each group takes certain areas of the city. From seeing them and where they were placed I’ve realized Keystone United has the Riverwards district and Temples campus, Identity Evropa has taken gentrified areas like Fishtown and Campuses, the Three Percenters have blanketed Northern Liberties and Kekistan stickers are really prevalent downtown. The only questions I’m left with is where I can find more and how quickly I can work on my agent of change. I’m just left angry, there’s literal nazi stickers a block from my home. My own neighborhood should NOT be advertised as a “national socialist area”. For my agent of change, I’m going to work with an antifascist affinity group to remove these eyesores and replace them with antifascist propaganda that conveys a message to help fight off nationalism or things to spread awareness of said group to get more involved in antifascism. To end fascism it has to be disassembled at the roots, and that’s what this is only the beginning of, the never ending fight against nationalism and the threat of genocide.

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Taj Walter (Student 2021)
Taj Walter

Do you plan on doing more original research? You can research some people from the Charlottesville protest in 2017. I really like the idea of taking down stickers or covering them.