Memeflection - Glows and Grows

Now that my project is finished, I was able to look back at the full picture and see exactly how well it went. The process was quite lengthy, and even though we were given a lot of time to work on it, the deadlines were a bit chaotic and the fact that our school was also doing other programs added more confusion. Although, it seemed to go pretty well, I was not entirely confident on my agent of change. My research went extremely well, I found good sources and had access to someone that I could interview who really knew about the topic. I wish though that I knew even more about what people thought about when looking at memes and the psychological impact they have. My original research went really well because many people answered my poll and my interviewee was capable of giving in-depth responses, but if there was something I would change, it would be to get even more people to ask. My agent of change…. well that’s when things were getting a bit bad. I originally intended to make a documentary about Memes & Society but i figured that it wouldn’t really be eye-catching to many people. I then proceeded to change my idea and make a video Ad, but that left me unsatisfied. I had problems uploading it to youtube and that made me really frustrated. I feel like I was able to get good amounts of information and meet all the requirements, but I am pretty annoyed as to the quality of my agent of change. It isn’t that I did a bad job, well maybe I did, but it’s the fact that I was so close to being able to do something wonderful if only the deadlines were longer. If there was a recommendation I would make for this project in the future years, it’s that it should be a long-er-term project. That way people can truly see this as an agent of change instead of a deadline to a school project. Maybe also if we were to work in groups, or be more encouraged to do collaborations, the products could be much better.