Net Neutrality- Sok

It is essential for teens to know about net neutrality because we are using the internet all the time. It is needed for school, entertainment, convenience, communication, and eventually for our jobs. If we are constantly using it, we need to understand it and be aware of the rules that are involved. Once we understand it and know the rules that are involved with the internet, we are able to use it effectively without causing any harm. In addition to that, being aware of rules related to the internet allows us to take a stand for what we believe in when the government makes decisions about one of the fundamental rules of the internet called net neutrality.

Everyone who pays to receive internet can all agree that net neutrality must not be taken away. Net neutrality preserves our rights to an open internet where ISPs are not able to control the content that we stream in any way. The internet would no longer be a happy place without net neutrality if our accessibility of data is being influenced. Like in the image that I attached, some content will take forever to load and some will not even load at all if the ISPs decide to block it. I cannot imagine the fustration of being unable to access any website I want at the same speed as everyone else.

As Americans, we are ensured the freedom of speech. Banning net neutrality interferes with this law. For example, if I made a comment on a website and the ISP that I pay monthly for does not like this comment I have made, they have the power to block it to prevent me from saying further comments if net neutrality was not enforced. People would soon feel supressed to say what they want to say because ISPs are able to censor the information that we request and share. Therefore, if net neutrality is not advocated, our freedom of speech on the internet will be provoked also.