Othello Benchmark Richard V. Yoeun

Richard V. Yoeun

English Shakespeare Scenes

Prompt: One


 He takes her by the palm. “Ay, well said, whisper! With as little a web as this will I ensnare as great a fly as Cassio. Ay, smile upon her, do, I will give thee in thine own courtship. You say true, 'Tis so, indeed.” 

Notes: In what Iago is saying is that he seems to be plotting up a plan while speaking to the audience. He tells the audience that Cassio has all the needed feeling towards Desdemona to show a false show of what Othello will think is real. Also where he says "Smile upon her" it seems that he's speaking to Cassio as well but keeping it down low. To me, it just seems that he's planning out his next moves and that he now knows what he is going to do with Cassio and Desdemona. Iago also states that he can be slick because he states that he can use things to his advantage. He would switch his speaking and delivering techniques when he first starts of the monologue and then moves slowly towards himself and the audience to speak about what he can do. To all the problems that came upon this play, everything seems to easily set up for Iago to set up a plan with little action what so ever, the only time he ever done action was Stabbing Cassio in the leg and killing Roderigo.

Prompt: Two

Act 5 Scene 1 


Iago stabs and kills Roderigo

What this person had seen personally was Iago laying the final blow upon him and killing him. It was what he was last where he says Iago's name and calls him a dog. Roderigo was within Iago’s plot the whole time and now that Iago finally kills him, I find it that he is now gone for the mishaps of others. What he was told was that Iago told him that he was done here alive and with the plan that Roderigo thought Iago was just a good man. Iago now continues with his evil plan to screw over Othello and Roderigo is out of the picture. What we could understand is that Roderigo was betrayed and that he now knows that Iago was no one to ever trust in life. In the book that we have read, Iago is now a person that all the characters trust but should not be trusting at all.

Prompt: Three


Iago was growing up as a liar. He lied about almost anything and everything that his father and mother brought up to him. Soon after when he turned 7, his mother died and from there he regretted lying to her. His father was never a kind heart and when Iago would try to tell his dad the truth, he would get beat for his father thought it was a lie. Iago's father never really loved him and never paid any attention to him what so ever. Iago's father was the main reason he lies and now he grew up becoming more cunning and evil. Iago now has gone through a lot in his past and now Othello and Desdemona now believe that he is kind, honest, good, and such. He lies so well that he now has people believe in what he says with little problems.


Prompt: Four

- What specific actions, movements, and tone of voice are you bringing to your character during your performance? What I will be doing is circling around Othello and whispering when serious lines are being made. My tone will be a mid british-accent. I will get louder when I act surprised

- What PROP and/or COSTUME item is your character going to have? (It is your job to brainstorm one item that you are responsible for. Some props are clear, like a handkercheif or a wine glass. Others will take a little more creativity!) My costume is a dress shirt, tie formally dressed as a business man to shows easy lies. I will have my glasses and a book as a prop.

- What is going to make your group's presentation stand out? What have you worked on and agreed on as a group for your scene? Projection of voice and character will gives us a shocking appearance. What we agreed on is that I should be slick and sinister.


Prompt: Final

- Analyze one of your lines from your scene. Quote it directly and then explain why it is important to the play, and how you showed its importance in your performance. How did you deliver this line?

The line that I delivered was when Iago said to Othello, “O, beware my lord, for jealousy is the green eyed monster which doth mocks the meat it feeds on …” From there I feel that Iago is telling Othello that jealousy is a bad thing, but he’s pushing Othello to become jealous. The way that I showed its importance is how I put more emphasis on those lines more than any other. The way I said it was with a strong tone and quick paced tone. I was feeling when I said it and it felt really strong to get into character and from what I kept hearing with the Audio, I wanted to be Iago and give it my best. I tried to change the tone of how I spoke when I was speaking casually or when I wanted to get into Othello’s head.

- Did your group's performance go as you expected and planned? Now that it is over, what are you proud of? What would you have done differently in your performance?

            Our group did a wonderful job at performing that scene. From Alaina playing Othello, she did a little threaten when we were performing because I kept pushing “Othello’s buttons” by mocking him. I think I sold it when I threw my glasses on the floor and that’s what I’m really proud of because it went to perfectly. What I would have done differently was get more props to continue with a whole understanding of the story. I wanted to look more cunning and sinister by playing a soft-spoken villain but when needed to just go all out berserk.

- How did performing the play change your understanding of it? 

            When performing the scene for Othello I thought about how much more evil Iago could be. To get into Othello’s mind and just fill his thoughts about Desdemona cheating on him with Cassio. I understood more of Othello’s point from where he said a line about Iago repeating everything he is saying. What I find kind of interesting is that Desdemona had such little lines within this scene. After Desdemona and Othello are done speaking, Iago says “my noble lord –“ and I wonder from there does he say it with a way that he’s just coming in from another room, or is he trying to sound innocent. Because saying so, it was right after Desdemona leave Othello and I find that very suspicious of acts that iago could be planning more.