Peter Torelli Capstone


Boxing is my favorite sport of all time because it is an independent and reflective sport that only you could figure out what you have to improve on. Boxing isn't just a physical sport it is also a mental sport, the strongest and buffest opponent can't beat the smarter opponent. Overall Boxing is very important because it motivates me mentally and physically, keeps me in shape, keeps me out of trouble and helps me relieve stress.

I choose to bring Boxing into SLA because I wanted to show young kids how to defend themselves properly, but not only to defend and attack but to be dedicated to a sport. I wanted to target students who feel unsafe walking home and students who normally hang around bad crowds. In SLA, students decide to make poor decision, by doing this they put their education in risk. By introducing the club to SLA they can avoid that risk and make more of a positive choice. My Freshman and Sophomore years in SLA weren't good but during Junior and Senior year I wanted to become more of an adult so by avoiding bad decisions I choose boxing.   

What I learned was that everyone is going to have their own style of learning, learning at their pase and having patients teaching students. This is very important to a teacher because you can see the improvement in your students. Its is important because you can see that the students are enjoying and being dedicated to the sport.

Our day of training consist of, a warm up to relax the body and keep the fighter calm. We will then start with 3 min rounds of shadow boxing. After shadow boxing we will then get ready for mit work where they get to use what they learn when demonstrated.  

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