¿Qué tiempo Hace Hoy?

The Weather for Today

In Spanish

In today’s lesson, I will be showing you the weather in the Spanish language.

*When saying words that mean a climate, add “mucho” to say very. i.e. mucho frio (very cold)

¿Qué tiempo hace?

(what’s the weather like?)

Hace… (its)

 Frio (cold) 0 degrees

 Calor (warm) 50 degrees

 Sol  (hot) 100 degrees

Viento (windy)



 Nublado (cloudy) mayormente/parcialmente

 Húmedo (humid)

 Lloviendo (raining) llueve mucho| it rains a lot

 Nevando (snowing) nieva mucho| it snows a lot


*When righting these, always keep in mind of pictures for certain ones you want to remember.

i.e. calor picture of the sun

      lloviendo picture of rain


With The weather you also want to know the seasons

So you don’t look stupid In front of Spanish people saying its cold in summer.

*All are the same except for spring

El invierno (winter)    La primavera (spring)

El verano (summer)    El otoño (fall)

*These are the four seasons,master these and you master the weather.