Reader Profile: Tito Mazzucchi

Tito is currently reading “The Essential Rumi”. This book as a human, in his opinion, would be a teenager with the mind of the philosopher Socrates. When Tito goes to the library or a bookstore, he decides which book to read based off the font of the books’ covers. If he could live with any book character, it would have to be Percy Jackson as a roommate in a college dorm. Tito would be Percy’s “smart sidekick” and would bring modern weapons on quests to help Percy save the world. Tito’s second choice of a book character to live with would be Merlin, because Merlin would make a great tutor.

If Tito could change the ending of any book he read, it would have to be the ending of “A Series of Unfortunate Events”. He would want it to be an epic ending, with the same magnitude as the books before it, but still be sad and unfortunate. Finally, a book that affected Tito’s mood drastically was “My Side of the Mountain”. Before reading this book, Tito was uninspired. After he finished reading this book, he felt motivated and was able to do some critical thinking.