Recipe and Analysis - Caesar Salad

Caesar Salad ​

Serves 8-12

10oz of Romaine Lettuce chopped

¼ cup of croutons

1 tablespoon of grated parmesan cheese

¼ of caesar salad dressing (To use when needed)   

First wash the lettuce well, shake after rinsing, and use a cloth or a paper towel to help dry some excess water. Then add the croutons and cheese, and toss the salad so that the ingredients are evenly distributed.Next use half of ¼ cup of dressing and add more dressing if needed for taste.

The meal is primarily whole foods because the main ingredient is lettuce. I would approximate that this mea has to be about 86% whole food and 14% processed. Although this amount changes depending on the amount of salad dressing they put on there salad. The processed parts of the meal are the croutons, parmesan cheese, and salad dressing most of these things are made with ingredients that are heavily processed.

This meal cost under $10. So it is great for a light meal or lunch. It is a little more expensive than fast food, but the quantity is larger so that is will balance out to around the same price in the end. It will just take more preparation to have this instead of fast food.

From farm to plate these ingredients came from farms with lettuce, flour products, herbs, and milk from a dairy farm. Almost all of these items would have been home grown, such as the lettuce, the ingredients for the salad dressing. Although there is no way to have less commercial way to produce croutons and cheese. There is the possibility to leave them out of the salad to make it more self-sufficient.

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