Richard Yoeun Q2 Media Fluency

​Richard V. Yoeun

Script For Tech

I used the rules…

1.One slide one point

2.Had a visual theme

3.Make type BIG


The Wooden Swords-Represent my passion for wanting to make one. They would go correctly with the background because the wooden swords have a tan color that brings itself out in that dark surrounding. 


Japan’s Flag Red Dot-Represents the rising sun and my love for wanting to live in Japan and retire there. The rising sun (red) brings the fire of the sun into the hearts of men and women. This was considered my visual theme. Since it was a giant red dot.


Words “Wing Chun”-represents the fighting style that was fought and taught by “IP Man” This proved my one point because its what that should taught through out the world and make type BIG because WING CHUN.

Presentation for Tech