Robbie, Anthony, Jovan. Annotated bibliography

Robbie McCormac, Anthony Best, Jovan Lewis.

History Benchmark 


  Three Mile Island 

 Essential Questions

  1. What is the balance between the interests of individual and the interests of business with regard to the environment? (In this century America and the world as a whole is more concerned about the environment, We the people of the world are taking greater strides to recycle, reuse and create greener solutions to are most dirty problems. Even big companies now a day’s are releasing there environment records and what they’re doing to soften the blow of there carbon emissions and material mining.)(
  2. What role should the government play in regulating that balance? ( Government’s around the world simply aren’t doing enough to help support the environment, We need stricter law’s against the big companies and business, We need to make a change soon and not only stop pollution but reverse it. We need to start with car’s, The Government should to a car exchange we’re we give them our car’s for hybrids of electric car’s then they use that metal break it down then recycle it. We also need to be conscious of the oil companies and limit how much pollution that they put into the atmosphere. We simply need more support from the Government.)
  3. How do the country’s past actions inform its current policies related to environmental issues?

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