Science Mini-Capstone-----Dissection Portfolio

Inquiry- What did you want to know?

In the dissection portfolio we first learned the dissection process. Using those processes we compared pig anatomy to cricket anatomy. Finally we would do online research to compare human and earthworm anatomy to that of the cricket and pig.

Research- How did you gather data?

First we gathered data in the dissection process. Then we got more data from online sources such as, University of Pennsylvania, and the Middle School Food and Agricultural Literacy Curriculum.

Collaboration- How were you part of  a community?

I worked in a community with Gabby Cromley, Kayla Cassumba, and Kiamesso DaSilva. We worked with are classmates in the dissection processes sharing the most efficient processes. These methods created another larger community outside of ours.

Presentation- What was effective about your presentation strategy?

The simplicity and organization of the data made the presentation much more efficient, because it allowed the viewer to comprehend and understand our data and therefore our conclusions with much more ease.

Reflection- What would you do differently?

My one regret is some of the sloppy mistakes made in the dissection process. Many parts of the processes where unnecessarily destructive. This destruction ruined some of the organs and ruined some data.
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