The Variable of the Meme

Hello everyone! I’m back and here to make a change! You might remember what I did in my other two blog posts or you might not, so here is a summary:

Blog Post #1

For this blog post, I discussed a bit about what I wanted to do for this project, what the situation was with memes and that I wanted to raise awareness. People may ask… well what would raising awareness of the most popular thing online accomplish, but that is exactly the problem. Many people use social networks without realizing their power. People just tweet and retweet and before they know it, they caused a huge city-wide protest. Social networks are the backbone of human movement and change, but many people seem to forget that. Therefore, I decided to make sure that people knew, that we all can change the world if we want to.

Blog Post #2

For my second blog post, I decided to conduct some research of my own. I needed to find out exactly how many people knew that memes, messages, and things like twitter can have an impact. I also decided to interview a veteran of the internet regarding this subject. We discussed how exactly social networks work, and also events that are happening in this world which prove exactly what I want to show. To figure out what the majority of people thought of this topic, I sent out an anonymous poll. Here people would be able to answer exactly what their point of view was on some of the key factors of human telecommunication. To my surprise, the people who were misinformed were much higher.

Now that we got that out of the way… We can talk about what I did for my “Agent of Change”. From the start of this whole personal project, I knew that this would be the opportunity to REALLY make a change. And I thought, It would be much smarter if instead of making a change myself, I made sure that other people had the knowledge and motivation to make changes. This whole project is raising awareness that we have a tool to make a change, so that we the people can decide what to do with our lives, how we want our governments to work, and how we want to do so.

For the agent itself, I posted two things online. The first thing that I did was make public an interview which I had with Andrea Mazzucchi (can be found HERE). The second thing which I did to try and raise awareness for this project was to make a short Ad describing the situation. This 1 minute Ad also helps work as a motivation tool for those who are watching, telling them to spread the message and encouraging others to take charge in their lives.

If any of you know me, you should know that I always am unsatisfied with what I do and the works that I publish. I really wish that I would have decided where this project would be headed sooner and maybe to be more interesting. I feel like I am not the only one trying to motivate others to become leaders and doing this project really helped me feel part of a positive movement.

Interview with Andrea Mazzucchi

Make a change Ad

Annotated Bibliography

Blog Post 1

Blog Post 2

Ad Script:

Everyday, hundreds of thousands of messages are being sent through social networks to people all across the world. Whether it is a short video clip, to a picture with a caption on it, we all communicate with multiple people every day… or minute for some of you. But did you know... that social networks and the internet could have a much greater impact? Everyday there are messages online that rally protesters, raise awarenesses, and even messages that actually FORCE laws to change? That’s right. The social networks that you are using right now all have the power to shape the world that you live in, they can raise enough funds to create cures to dangerous diseases, all the way to forcing a nation into ending a war. We all have the power to make a change, so why not start now, by helping raise awareness that there is more to a meme than someone just looking at a picture with a caption.