"The Sands of Azlan"

A science fiction short story

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Sarith Chuon (Student 2018)
Sarith Chuon

Wow. Just wow. It was unexpectedly good of how this story was. You were able to create a world in less than 5000 words which is already impressive, and giving the details of the characters, while also making sure it was a science-fiction story, and the way you were to keep it all together is mind blowing. It makes me think of the bad decisions I made in my past. It felt like life is a thing of unpleasantness, because from the story I can feel that if you fight for your well being, you will erase those around you, but if you will try to be with those around you, you won't be able to do things for yourself.

Cindy Chen (Student 2018)
Cindy Chen

I really like how this story really kept me reading. It was very descriptive which form a image in my head. The science fiction did work. Because of this story I thought of decisions people make in their life whether it's bad or good and how it can affect the person and thing they may have own.

Jessica Celli (Student 2018)
Jessica Celli

This reminded me of a sci-fi version of holes (love that book). You did a really good job of creating this world but avoiding technobabble and all the unnecessary descriptions. I would have loved to get to know your characters more, I feel that I went on this adventure with them but hardly know anything about them. I love that you made our protagonist ultimately the villain. It makes me think about history's villains, and how they did believe they were doing the best for their people. Good job.

Pablo Salvatierra (Student 2018)
Pablo Salvatierra

I definitely want to shout out how ambitious this story was. You sought to create a whole world in a relatively small word count while communicating a complex morality. I felt the sci-fi element here definitely leaned more to the fantasy version of things and I thought that the sci-fi was well done Given it intrinsically tied in to the moral decision presented in the piece. The story definitely makes you think about the horrible decisions people would make in a dystopia. How when fighting for their own good, they destroy everything they ever could have had.