Staring, right into his eyes, its like star gazing, you become so captivated by what you doing you lose track of time. And in a moment I forgot about expectations and what a proper lady is supposed to do. I forgot what a proper wife should do.

Letting loose a  small cry, I grabbed his head, lacing my fingers through his dark brown locks. He let out a muffled sound of surprise as I crushed my mouth to his. For all that I’d dreamed of this moment, I had no idea what I was doing. What he must think ----

(Book gets knocked out of her hands)

Are you serious? You can’t be serious? I lost my freaking page (frustrated) How could you? (pauses for response )Oh your sorry? You're sorry? (anger building) I’ll show you sorry! I’ll show you how sorry your gonna be! Why is it that every time that I get into a book, someone has to come and ruin it. Why can’t they just leave me alone? Leave me be! Let me escape into worlds that only fall into the category of imagination.

Its just the only true happily ever afters are the ones that happen in books. The two people come together despite all odds, and everything that is supposed to bring them apart only brings them closer together.

Life with all it craziness it just never stops. So yes I use books to escape the world that has hurt me too many times to count. And yes I use books and live my life through the characters. All because I’m afraid. I’m afraid that romance, love, isn't actually true. Just a figment of our imaginations. The first moment the guy looks into the girl’s eyes and knows she’s the only one for him. I want that.

And yet when I’m finished reading each book, I wonder. How could you do this to me, just leave me? I’ve laughed with you. I’ve even cried for you. I know your innermost thoughts and all your deepest darkest secrets. (pacing) And yet you chose to leave me. At the precise moment I wanted, no need you the most. When I cared for you and your iminate future. Why when I finally felt secure. You decided to rip the rug out from underneath me.

You’re just all the rest, abandoning me once I’ve become enthralled with your pages.

(With attitude) Great now he’s picking the book up. And he’s walking towards me. God. He better have a lot more to say than just sorry. He has a smile that I just wanna wipe off his face. Here you go (He says).

Maybe its just the butterflies talking or the sincere smile on his face. But maybe its my turn to live. Give up the books and in turn fight for my happily ever after. Even the best books have a beginning and this is mine. (I take the book from his hands) Thanks.