YATW Blog 1: Video games... Stay Calm!

My name is Adam Cavalier, and I am a 9th grader at Science leadership Academy on 22nd and Arch. For a project, we were given a choice to take on a problem in the world and post blogs about your opinions, facts etc. So, my project is on violence in video games and how violent video games don't cause aggression differently than a non- violent game and how there are ways we can lower the violence and aggression.

So, A new game just released and you decide to pick up the game to try it out. The game turns out to be ridiculously annoying and challenging. You get so angry the controller ends up creating a crack on the wall. You end up returning the initial game and decided to pick up a completely different type of game that had no relations to the first game. The game is played for a while. Also, this game turned out to be ridiculously annoying and challenging. There goes another controller…

No matter what type of video game is played, it will cause aggression depending on your experience and not the actual game. Playing “Call of Duty” and “Hello Kitty Adventure” can both lead to aggression. I have played video games my whole life and I can truly say I have had aggression from a lot of video games. Not just violent ones. It’s the games that seem super difficult, annoying, and challenging. I think there are results to this huge problem mostly every gamer has in their life. either they could go and play some casual games that most likely won’t cause aggression. Or, some games that seem challenging need to include a more balance difficulty level. Mostly every game should give the gamer a choice of difficulty. Not just some games. Mostly every game should. This could possibly end the broken controllers, the broken walls, and taking out your anger on someone else (which i have experienced). All the money that is wasted on controllers won’t be wasted anymore. You might say to yourself “Can't we just protect the controllers better so they don't break?” It is a possibility but it will still be able to knock over stuff. And the controllers wouldn't have the original feel a gamer is used to. Maybe next Generation…

If you're a gamer or your friend is a gamer, you should be very concerned about this topic. If the friend gets mad at a game, that friend might take it out on you.

As said by “Forbes” blog post, “...aggression behavior doesn’t stem from video games: It stems from competition.” This means that aggression does not come from what the game is; it comes from what you do in the game (gameplay).

“Violent juvenile crime in the United States has been declining as violent video game

popularity has increased. The arrest rate for juvenile murders has fallen 71.9%

between 1995 and 2008. The arrest rate for all juvenile violent crimes has

declined 49.3%. In this same period, video game sales have more than quadrupled.”

This is a very good example of how violent video games do not cause aggression. Just because video games are violent doesn’t mean they will cause people to be violent. When moving on to my 2nd blog, I hope to get more research on examples of huge situation (involving violence) about video games. That would sound very interesting. Also, What games mostly cause aggression in video games?


This is a picture of a screen that gives the

option for a difficulty level. this is an

example of something we need in every game.


This is a picture of a kid getting very

mad at a video game. This is a

situation that should be avoided,

This young kid should not have to

scream and feel angry.


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Cacy Thomas (Student 2017)
Cacy Thomas

Hey Adam, I think you have some good information and facts to back it up. However I noticed a lot of word repetition. After you write your blog posts or any piece of writing it is helpful to read it out loud and pay attention to everything that you stated, but you have a great start!

Jun-Jie Zou (Student 2017)
Jun-Jie Zou

I really like your article! I am a big gamer myself and I definitely get angry playing certain violent games. That's why I don't let anyone be around me while I'm playing. Can't wait for your next blog!

Isabel Medlock (Student 2017)
Isabel Medlock

This blog post was very informative. You did a good job of supporting your opinion with facts and statistics. I think you should move the images from the bottom and put them in the middle of the blog instead. There were also a few a few punctuation mistakes. Overall you did a great job!