I Would Rather

​I Would Rather

Yo nunca jugo videojuegos, así que yo activa
I'd rather practice sports a lot
Yo a veces estudio
I'd rather sleep instead
Yo bailo terrible
I'd rather just listen to music and dance only at my house
Yo depende del día veo la tele
I'd rather hang with friends

I am comforted by English, for it will always be here



He writes english
He eats english
He draws english
He listens to music in english
He reads english.

Pero, él habla en español
él baila en español
él vera la tele en español
y él cocina en español.

Poema de Hannah

    Yo estudio en español,
      trabajo en español.
However, I go to church in English,
   I talk to everyone in English    
        Nado en español,
          Leo en español.
     I play sports in English,
   I sing and dance in English.
          I live in English!


I read in english.
Escribo en español.
I relax in english.
Estudio en español.
I run in english.
Hago la tarea en español.
I surf the net in english.
Tomo apuntes en español.

Shaion Poema

He sleeps in english
el como en español 
He swims in english
el voy a la escuela en español
He relaxes in english
el escucho musico en español
He likes to hang with friends in english
el practico deportista en español

Poema - Jada

"Jada" by Jada Terrell

She speaks. English.
She dances with English.
She talks to and hangs out with friends a lot. In English.
She listens to music. English.
Pero, ella ayuda en casa en español.
Ella estudie en español.
Ella lee en español
Y ella dibuje en español. 
Ella vive SPANGLISH. :)


I feel in English,
I think in English.
Estudio en Español,
hablo en Español.
I think in English,
I laugh in English.
Practico vocabulario en Español,
hago la tarea en Español.
I live in English. 

International Relations

The story of how my mother braved a war to connect with the people of El Salvador.
01 English Interview
I think that my podcast really showcases crossing boundaries well. A lot of my questions were centered around this idea, and the rest were very complimentary to these specific questions. I think that the interview went well. I really tried to sit back and let my mother speak her mind instead of leading her into answers that I wanted to hear. I did not know very much about her story until the interview. It was fascinating to sit and listen to her tale. I did not know that she had been the adventurous type in her past. I knew that she loved to travel, but this was a stretch for the imagination. The editing was really the hardest part of the entire project. I could not schedule the interview for an earlier time, so I had barely any time to edit at all. I got by by the skin of my teeth, and I think for that situation I did a very good job. The music especially was hard to choose. I had to find one that was sort of following the theme without going too in depth into the project, really. I really thought that the music I chose did this quite well. It set up the podcast quite nicely, and had a sort of latin them to it. Overall I think that the project went quite nicely and was a good test of my skills and discrepancies.

Real Time with Alex - The Deaf World

Ever wondered what it would be like to live in a world without sound? This podcast gives you an insight into the deaf world and their education. A real life interpreter is interviewed about her experiences.

In doing this project, I learned more about my mom's life and about deaf culture, and am thankful for that opportunity. To cross a boundary is to change, and to learn. When someone crosses a boundary they go through a transformation, something that can often destroy some social institutions or things they hold dear. Sacrifice results in rebirth, which is necessary in crossing boundaries. The experience of interviewing someone is a great one, and is something that allows a higher level of learning than out of normal conversation. You learn not only about others, but about yourself, and through asking questions you can realize the type of person you are. Are you bold, are you cold? Are you a hat, or a rat? Can you cross the boundary of secrecy into the realm of knowledge by interviewing? I can. I did it. During the editing process, things can get messy, and material you've grown to love must be cast into the shadows and darkness forever. It is a tragic time, but a necessary time, and can make men of boys. There will always be twists and turns when editing, and unexpected surprises, yet they are but boundaries that need crossing, and they will be crossed, and it will be good. Peers can be deadly forces of judgement, but more often than not, there are kernels of truth to be found in their crow-like-caws of reckoning. I have found, through this experience, my strengths, my weaknesses, and my both of those things. My strengths are bold, and they are stern. Stern and fortified are they and they have bore holes in my project. But these holes are good, and they have found light that allows this project to flourish in glory. My weaknesses have tried, they have squirmed up from the depths of shadow, and they have grabbed at the tails of my strengths, but they have not seen day. They have been kicked away, and pushed down, and fought and prevailed against. They are no more. Through this project, I have risen.
Real Time with Alex - Episode 1

Love Boundary

My podcast is about the different understandings of love. Different people have different understandings about love, so when they face the same problem, they might have different choices. Like my aunt and my grandma, when they met another lovers, my grandma chose to continue to live with my grandpa and refused that guy, and she enjoys her quiet life with my grandpa. My aunt chose to divorce to my uncle and got married to that guy, but she found that they were strangers to each other and divorced again. She seeks for love all her life. Their understandings of love and duty are totally different, because they belong to different generations.

Crossing Boundaries means to do something specific, and it might not be accepted by others. I interviewed my aunt, because she crossed the love boundary. She divorced her husband and got married to another guy who is a foreigner, because she thought that she loved that guy, but she found that they were strangers to each other later. She didn’t want to be a woman who stayed at home and did housework every day. She had her own ideal, and she was an independent woman! Also, she payed a lot for the divorce to her former husband. Her mom didn’t talk to her anymore, and her daughter refused to call her mom. She thought that she found love, but it turned out that she was wrong. She didn’t earn love from the divorce, and she also lost her complete family. 

I learned a lot from the interviews. Don’t ask yes/no questions when you interview someone, because asking yes/no questions can make your interviewees don’t know what to say, and they might just reply your questions by saying “yes” or “no”. It is necessary to prepare at least 10 questions before starting the interview, so that I can know what to say. At the beginning of the editing, I didn’t know how to use Garageband, so some parts of my audio disappeared, but fortunately, it didn’t influence the quality of the whole audio. I disagree with some peers, for example, my final audio podcast is fourteen minutes and a half, but she said it is only nine minutes. Yeah, my podcast is nearly nine hundred seconds, which is about fifteen minutes, rather than nine minutes. I like the music which I have chosen, and I think the voice of my podcast is clear. 

Nuestras Actividades

Me llamo Hikma. Tengo 14 años.Soy bastante inteligente. Es por eso que me gusta leo y veo  a la tele. Por lo tanto casi todos los dias paso un rato con amigos.Me gusta pasa con amigos y cocinar . Asi que, me gusta dormir

Su llama Myrna Yousef. Ella es 14 años. Tiene bastante intelligente. Es por eso que, tenemos tanto en común. Tiene le gusta leen, comen, y ven a la tele. Por lo tanto casi todos los dias paso un rato con amigos.

Interview by Michael Nicolella

In this interview, I talked to my mom about her crossing boundaries and also important people in her life who did too. In this interview, it made me like my Mom more. I didn't know about half of the stuff she said in this interview. It makes me wonder about how my dads's life was like also. I liked doing this interview because it made me understand my Mom more and I learned about her background more.

Nuestras actividades

Mi nombre es Amelia. Tengo 14 años, soy bastante activa y súper sociable. Por lo tanto, después de las clases hablo por pasar un rato con amigos o hablo por teléfono. Me encanta leer y escribir. Asi que cuando tengo tiempo libre leo libros de misterio Y de vez en cuando escribe cuentos. 

 Su nombre es Brittany. Tiene 14 años. Su es bastante extraña. Es por eso que siempre acto loco. Por tonto después de las clases como. Le encanta dibujo y escuho musica muy loca

Nuestras Actividades

​Mi nombre es Wilson Biggs. Tengo 13 años. Soy bastante activa. Es por eso que casi nunca estudio. Por lo tanto, después de las clases voy al cine. Siempre tengo hambre. Así que cuando tengo tiempo libre, como. Y de vez en cuando, juego.

Su nombre es Ameer. Es muy creativo. Por lo tanto, su siempre dibuja. A veces asfyxia. Así que a veces respira. Es muy activo. Es por eso que nunca duerme en clase.

Nuestras actividades

Mi nombre es Nagee Graves. Tengo 14 años. Soy bastante activo. es por eso que casi nunca veo la tele ni juego videojuegos. Soy súper bobo, cómico y divertido. Por lo tanto, después las clases hablo por teléfono con mis amigo o hago la tarea con mis amigos. Me encanta Uno Directíon, Niall Horan y blog. Así que cuando tengo tiempo libre, leo libros de ficción. Y de vez en cuando, escribo ficción con mis amigas.

Nuestras actividades

Mi nombre es Javier. Tengo quince años. Mi cumpleaños es el ocho de febrero Me encanta ser activa. Por lo tanto, después de las clases practico deportes. Tambien odio cocinar. Así que nunca cocino. Es por que mis padres cocinan. Todos los días como. Cuando tengo tiempo libre hago la tarea. 
No sé el cumpleaños de mi padre. Mi padre trabaja todos los días. Es por eso que cuando tiene tiempo libre relaja. De vez en cuando ve la tele. También a veces el es muy, muy bobo. Mi padre odio videojuegos. Por lo tanto juga videojuegos. Mi padre encanta deportes. Así que ve la ESPN.