Advanced Essay

The Perfect Parent

The drive to New Jersey was silent. I looked up from my phone when my mom turned around in her seat and told my sister and I to get our shoes on. This meant that we were going to be at the church in a minute or so. I reluctantly tugged on the pointy black wizard shoes my mom had bought a fews days before. We pulled into a small parking lot and passed a few cars that I recognized as family. Upon opening the car door, I was greeted with the bright sun, a heavy contrast to the tinted interior I had exited. As the rest of my family joined me I took in the building in front of me. It was different from what I expected, beige stone and brick forming a rectangular building that seemed more fitting as a convention center. As parents stopped to talk to relatives I dropped my head back and squinted up at the cloudless sky. After awkwardly greeting a few elderly people who I didn’t remember, we finally were allowed inside. As soon as I entered, a blast of warm air so thick I could taste it swept over me. My dad led us to the right side and into a middle pew next to my uncle and his family. We sat for a solid twenty minutes before the coffin was carried in and a pastor rose the podium. I quickly lost focus on the practiced words trudging out of the old man’s mouth. His gravely tone filtered through my disinterested ears like a foreign language. I focused on how the wood below my thighs suctioned them down with sweat. As I readjusted my dress for the fourth time, my mom gave me a stern look before turning back to the pastor. I dutifully followed suit and immersed myself in the figurines and the architecture behind the man. My mom startled me back into the present with a warm hand on my shoulder. I looked around as the people started trailing outside. I gingerly stood on stiff legs and slipped out of the stuffy building only to be blinded once more by the sun. I lingered at the entrance and waited for my family to step out. Once the entirety of the group had congregated outside the church, my Nana shakily stated a few words of thanks. I looked behind me at my father and was shocked to see my dad with tears streaming down his face. I had never seen him cry like this, and it terrified me. At that time I couldn’t pinpoint what had made me so uncomfortable about it. Now I realize that he is a vulnerable human, like everyone else. My mom has always appeared as a strong woman. She works the most, earns the most, and doesn’t shy away from handing out her opinion. I knew she could be angry, or upset-but even in those moments her spitfire personality shone through. It takes quite a lot to douse that flame. Though the graveyard stretched outwards for miles, we were all huddled underneath a crooked canopy tent. The feeble sunlight and biting wind had me wishing for the uncomfortable heat of the church. I scuffed my pointy toe into the firm ground and cast my gaze on the people around me. My sister was leaning against our dad, his hands resting on her shoulders. The elderly had perched themselves on spindly plastic chairs right up front, obscuring my view of the coffin. I walked around the edge of the tent towards where my mom was standing behind the gravestone. When she saw me, her hands unclasped from each other and pulled me into a one-armed hug. I gingerly leaned my head on her shoulder and craned my neck to catch a glimpse of her face. She wasn’t crying, but the lines on her face revealed her age. She looked drained and my eyes were drawn to the streaks of gray that interlaced with her auburn curls. It was difficult for me to comprehend that she could experience these things. My parents seemed to be perfect beings. I never considered that they existed for reasons other that taking care of me and my sister. Selfishly I believed their worlds revolved around us. These rare moments exposed me to a new perspective. It sent off signals of caution throughout my brain. I proceeded to act on my best behavior for the next week. I felt like a mouse avoiding a trap I couldn’t see, navigating unknown territory. My mind kept creating different situations about my parents. What were they like as a child? Was I similar? I became so consumed with curiosity that I blurted out what I was thinking during dinner one night. “What were you like as a kid?” My parents looked at me and then each other. They questioned who I had directed it to. “Both of you.” I responded. This prompted several stories of childhood mishaps and my curiosity only grew stronger. I craved the information my parents shared, and once I had taken in all that I could, I spread out my search to the rest of my family. I discovered all sorts of stories and facts that I hadn’t even considered. Looking back at this time, I am grateful I decided to explore my discomfort and step out of my self-centered world. It opened my mind and I started paying more attention to the world around me, especially my parents. I picked up the habit of doing my own laundry, unloading the dishwasher and taking care of our pets. I even started pet sitting and babysitting for my neighbors. While I still don’t pay attention to street signs and how to get around the city, I’m more aware of the people around me and how development is a lifelong process that I’ve only just begun.

My Home Network

explain your L.A.N. Local Area Network - all the devices on your internet connection.

reflect on what you learned about networks, did you have an OMG moment that you learned something new and interesting? if now write about what you learned.

what would you tell other people that they need to know about having an ISP/Home network?

On Asperger's Syndrome...

My name is Serenity and I’m a Freshman at SLA. About a year ago, I created a radio commentary with a program called Mighty Writers. It was about my thoughts along the path of trying to find out if I had Asperger’s syndrome. We put it up on Soundcloud, hoping for a few listens or likes, and that’s it. Many months later, it really started circulating. I then got contacted by a youth radio station based in California. From there, WHYY picked it up and aired it on NPR about a week ago. I was amazed at how much attention it was getting, and started letting go of the insecurities I have about the possibility of having Asperger’s syndrome. I am currently working with a foundation that helps publish books writing a short memoir based on the radio story. If you’d like to listen to it, here’s the link:

Declaration of Sentiments Analysis and Reflection

A big thing that the women in the Seneca Falls Women’s Rights Convention wanted to be the main idea taken away was that women wanted to no longer wanted to be possessions and also to be able to own possessions. The women that attended the convention clearly showed their wishes such as the ability to consult federal documents, the ability to vote, independency from their husbands, and equal opportunity to education and income. A difference I saw while analysing the real Declaration of Sentiments and the one made in class was that there was a similarity where they both wish for women to have a voice. Each in their own thorough way described what exactly they wished when it came to having a voice. In the classes Declaration of Sentiments we wish for a chance for freedom of any choice that wish when it comes to federal choices or domestic choices. The official Declaration of Sentiments speaks more on the perspective of the freedom the women wished to receive.

Declaration of Sentiments Analysis and Reflection

Gender studies Declaration of Sentiments Analysis and Reflection Naima DeBrest 10-5-16 Iron

I feel like the Seneca Falls Convention of July 1848 was a very necessary and powerful even in history. I believe that this took a lot of courage for this conference to be assembled and the topics were very personal and strict. This convention was going against centuries of oppression and unfair treatment that had been deeply rooted in everyday life. The women who organized this were very brave with their demands and tried to make it equal as equal as possible. Though some of these issues may seem outdated women are still forced to face some of them today.

For example resolution 1 Resolved, That such laws as conflict … with the true and substantial happiness of woman, are contrary to the great precept of nature and of no validity … Some women are not happy with the situation that has been forced upon them and they can’t change it. Women have been forced into a category of things that they are supposed to do like cook and clean even if it might go against what she wants to do to be happy. Women have also been pushed into a sexuality box.Where they are supposed to be married to a man and certain states would not allow them to live happily with the person that they loved.

Resolved, That woman is man’s equal—was intended to be so by the Creator, and the highest good of the race demands that she should be recognized as such. This is another issue that hits very close to home for women in the 21st century. All anybody ever wants is to be treated equal. Women and minorities especially because they have been majorly oppressed for centuries. This issue relates to today though because of the equal pay law. It has already been established that women can do cany job that a man can do and work as hard as a man can. So it seem barbaric that in 2016 women still have to fight for an equal wage to a man even when she does the exact same job.

Seneca Falls - Friend

Resolution #1: “Summer hours of work in the mills are from 5am to 7pm Young women work an average of 75 hours a week with only four holidays a year…For this, you’re paid anywhere from $20-25 a month.” Resolved that we get paid a fair and reasonable amount of money for the long labor we provide.

Resolution #2: “The air in the factory is awful. It’s polluted with flying lint and the fumes from the whale oil lamps that hang on pegs from each loom. The owners demand that the overseers regularly spray the air with water to keep the humidity high so that the cotton threads won’t break. The windows are all nailed shut. The long hours in the bad air means that you and your friends often get sick.” Resolved that we receive better working conditions in the factory.

Resolution #3: “You get about 35 minutes for meals, but this includes travel time between the mill and your boarding house in the neighborhood.” Resolved that we get more time to eat our meals.

Resolution #4: “Living conditions are also very crowded. It’s common for young women to live six to a room with three beds.” Resolved that we get better living facilities.

Resolution #5: ”There are very limited bathing facilities.” Resolved that we get better bathing facilities.

Nothing surprised me at the role play of the Seneca Falls Women’s Rights Convention. I had already learned about the oppression of women prior to and had done a similar activity in the past. Women that worked in mills had harsh working conditions, little or no time to eat and were barely paid. There living and bathing conditions were poor. Cherokee women’s rights were taken away when Europeans came over. At first they were treated equal to men. Then their value seemed to decrease. Women who were slaves were the lowest of the low. They were already slaves which means they had no rights. They were only property. On top of that they were women, so they were abused physically and sexually and treated as cows.

Declaration of Sentiments Reflection

During the Seneca Falls Women’s Rights Convention, my group was playing the role of the middle and upper class reform workers. Our paper that we received were women like Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucretia Mott, and the Grimke sisters speaking about the problems they faced during their time. The problems that this group of women were facing played a big role in how the other women during that time, especially the slaves were treated. For example, during that time, women were not allowed to attend universities, so they didn’t have the same right to an education, as men did. This affected the slave women, because if they were to someday be released, they wouldn’t be able to attend universities simply because they were women. This is why, I agreed with our decision to demand that women be accepted by all or at least some universities. By saying that women weren’t allowed to go to universities just like men implied that women were supposed to stay at home and cook and clean for the men. In today’s society, women are still seen as the ones who have to stay home and take care of their children, while the men are ones that do the “hard labor.” Another problem that was big during that time was that women weren’t allowed to sign anything, even if they’re husbands, who were the ones in charge, let them. This affected the enslaved women as well because their masters were in charge, so they weren’t allowed to sign anything, and even if something was signed, it almost always was destroyed, so that there wouldn’t be any actual evidence in favor of the enslaved women. The resolution was to demand that women be allowed to sign any contract, with or without permission of their husband. This affects today’s society because nowadays, almost everything in a man’s name. For example, when you receive mail, it says, Mr. and Mrs. with the last name of the male. I personally don’t think the wives should receive the last name of their spouse and only be seen as that. For example, a man typically has everything written in his name, almost as if a women is forbidden to sign anything. In conclusion, in today’s society, women still have a long way to achieve equal treatment.

Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions: Savannah Manns

Overall the Sentiment of Resolutions is an amazing document that did made many big moves for the rights of women. This document is a big part of our history due to the fact that women had almost no rights not too long ago. Although we’ve evolved there are still some people who live an old fashioned life style. Some of the declaration throughout the first few paragraphs were very harsh. It’s almost amazing how far we have come from where we started. “He has endeavored … to destroy her confidence in her own powers, to lessen her self-respect, and to make her willing to lead a dependent and abject life.” Although this was written many years ago this seems to be a tactic some men use to control women often in today’s society. The resolutions made by the women who built the stepping stones for me and many other women, gave many women a chance at a better life. The resolution saying that men and women are equal. We as women have been fighting for this for years and still are. The fact that we’ve been fighting for it for so long gives us background on what we need to do to change how we raise awareness now. The Declaration Sentiment of Resolutions is one of the biggest steps women took towards equality and has has a large impact on the way I now think about feminism and how we as women are impacted today.

Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions

I feel as though our roleplay activity in class of the Seneca Falls Women’s Rights Convention, was a good way for us to get a perspective on what women had to face during specific eras of time. Something different about our document, compared to the actual historical document is that our document splits up the women in different sections. I feel as though this is a good thing because it caters to each group of women. Another difference is that the actual document mentions” That woman is man’s equal—was intended to be so by the Creator, and the highest good of the race demands that she should be recognized as such”. Our document just states what women want, not they are equal. I feel like the actual document is very specific as well, and ours is kinda vague. Something that surprised me were the factory conditions that the mill women had to work in. When I was younger, I learned about women working in the mills during the Revolution and finally being able to have the same jobs as men. I didn’t really think about the conditions in which they had to work. I also didn’t know that it was legal to beat your wife. I knew that violence against women during this period of time was common, but I didn’t know that it was what was expected of men to hit their wives. I also felt like the roleplay of the convention did a good job highlighting important aspects of being a Cherokee woman as well. Although the Cherokee women were treated with respect by men, white men and women disrespected them. They had to give up their land for these people, which wasn’t fair at all. I’m surprised that the convention talked about the rights of women of color and not just white women. I feel like that’s an issue that is still prevalent today. I feel like we talk a lot about female empowerment, that we sometimes forget about racial inequality. I feel as though those subjects are both equally important, and have the same amount of spotlight. We talk about wanting to make men and women equal, yet we live in a society where not even all of our men are equal to each other. Another issue that is still prevalent today is women working in horrible conditions. Over time, conditions in factories have gotten better, but other conditions in the working world in general have gotten difficult. There can be a lot of sexual harassment in the working world for a woman nowadays.

Declaration of Sentiments Analysis and Reflection

The role play of Seneca Falls Women’s Rights Convention was major way of acknowledging not only the different ways women were mistreated in 1848, but also the variety type of women that were mistreated. Some of those women include, mill workers, mexican women, Middle & Upper Class White Reform Workers, and etc. A lot of things were similar and very few different from the historical document that out of the convention. A lot of things surprised me about the oppression of the women prior to 1848 and the Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions that kicked off the movement now known as “ First Wave Feminism.” For example, it took me by surprise to find out that white women were treated different from black women. Not only was there a disrespect and utterly hatred towards women, but racism slid into the picture too. Women had no ownership of themselves, and anything that be included. The men took control of everything including their money, bodies, and the clothes on them. One of the main conditions that women faced as an issue that I think is still prevalent today is the condition that women can’t handle things that men do. For example, men in today’s societies are more likely to get hired for a construction worker job or a physical job. Not even a physical job, but in the presidential debate Donald Trump told Hillary Clinton did not have the stamina to be president. In a way, he was saying she didn’t look like she was in the position to become a president. That goes back to how things were, women were very vulnerable people and still are to this day. Very little things have improved, but even though the issues of feminism are not put in the spotlight all the time, they still exist.

Deja Harrison Reflection

I think personally that the passage we read was very empowering to the women today. It was nice to read an example of change throughout women´s history. The text really showed me that there were even levels to how much freedom women had. Certain groups of women could organize meetings about how they were treated but other groups of women were not allowed to attend for instance black women. I learned a lot more about what women endured in back in the day. I didn´t know that a women´s husband could really rape her, I never understood how women would just let men do this to them until I realized that if they fought back they would be the one´s put on trail or killed. I am so thankful and happy that times are finally changing and that I won´t be punished for having a voice as a women like my ancestors were.

Avi Cantor Reflection

Avi Cantor Gender Studies Ms. Menasion 10/5/16

In class last week, we created resolutions for laws that we thought should be put in place that relate to the treatment of our specific body of people. There were some similarities and some differences when it came to our laws versus the Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions. I will start with stating the similarities between the activity and the Declaration. First, the Declaration has a list of things that men wouldn’t allow women to do, much like the document that we used to determine what laws were most important for, for instance, my group, the Cherokee women. An example of this is in the Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions is the quote “He has never permitted her to exercise her inalienable right to the elective franchise.” This quote gives us a context as to one specific right that women of the time didn’t posses. Second, there obviously were resolution. In the activity, we had to make resolutions from laws that we created. An example of a resolution that I found was “Resolved, That the women of this country ought to be enlightened in regard to the laws under which they live, that they may no longer publish their degradation by declaring themselves satisfied with their present position, nor their ignorance, by asserting that they have all the rights they want.” The only difference between the Declaration and the activity that we did was that a Cherokee women’s values were a little different than white women’s or mill workers. I wasn’t that surprised to find out what injustices women faced in the 1800’s. I kind of already knew about it a little. Even though these resolutions didn’t surprise me, they were still upsetting. I think that even though some of these problems have been long eradicated, women face so many injustices in this country.

The Women's Rights Convention Reflection

The Women’s Rights Convention Reflection

The Seneca Falls woman’s rights convention was an important start to giving women rights. Even though it didn’t seem big in the moment, it helped the movement of mistreatment of women. Women were seen as unless frail humans. They weren’t given the right to even sign documents, that means they can even sign for a divorce. That wasn’t fair. And then the man would get the children, why? The women were the ones who took care of the children but yet the law gives them to man. This convention was to raise awareness of these things. I find it ridiculous. I believe that the convention raised awareness, which brought more women to stand up as decades went by. It came to the point where women wanted the right to vote. Now today women have the right to vote. Many know that it was a big movement. But it’s interesting because this convention was the start of it and not many know about it. Women were mistreated and it was overlooked. A women could even have the right to wear her own cloths, it was the men’s decision. Still today, we comment on slut shaming all based on a stereotype that all women need to cover up. Or they need to please their man. I feel that the convention, if they had the freedom they did now, would stand against this to protect women. That they would think it’s wrong that you don’t have control over your own body. It was especially hard if you were an immigrant because most of the cases the husband would speak english. Giving more of a reason that he would own everything his women can’t, because he is most powerful. I believe this should be in history classes because it’s important to know how society changed over time, including social issues. If women want more social justice, I believe they could get it. If this convention did not happen, awareness on mistreatment of women would not have been as recognized.

Advanced Essay - Kopf

I’ve had the same best friend since I was two years old. From diapers to directing films in high school, we’ve grown up and changed together. Ever since I was scrawny toddler dressed in my mismatched clothes, I’ve had him beside me influencing and affecting who I grew up to be. He and I had been thrown together as kids, an unassuming pair as a result of our parent’s friendships and out of pure luck, we happened to click. Evidence of our fourteen years of friendship hanging half-haphazardly from tacks shoved into my walls years ago. Each print, a mix of pixels and colors displaying various moments from our childhood.

When I look through each picture of us looking embarrassingly idiotic I can’t help but picture the nights spent together as kids. The two of us sitting there, huddled together and murmuring to each other, our voices the only sound resonating in the miniscule room. The pitch black space erupting in white light as our chubby fingers flick the two flashlights on. The bright light suddenly illuminating our scraped-up faces. We would recount ghost stories, read comic books, imagine we were the rulers of everything in the world. There was no end to what we could do, to what we could imagine inside our fantastical minds. Everything when we were kids seemed so utterly magical, all I had wanted to do was explore it all.

For my six year old self, the most incredible thing I could imagine in real life was the Philadelphia Zoo. Forty-two acres of asphalt, water, and grass filled to the brim with seemingly thousands of animals. We peered out the tinted windows of the rusting car, ignoring all else as we tried to glimpse the enormous zoo before us. Unable to contain our excitement we leaped out of the car before it’s dirt covered wheels had even stopped spinning and the zoo seemed never ending. Pictures of ferocious lions, cuddly koalas, and creepy insects plastered the walls of the zoo. In each direction was a new source of awe and wonder. We howled at the monkeys, roared at the lions, and tried to coax the snakes out from their dens. We scampered around the zoo attempting to emulate the very animals we saw. They sat majestically, only inches of crystallized glass keeping us from our potential playmates.

The zoo was every dream of ours brought to life. A mix of myth and reality that filled our minds to the brim with wonderment. We wanted to be as fast as a cheetah, as strong as a rhinoceros and as tall as a giraffe. Yet, even the marvels of the real world couldn’t compare to our greatest idol: The Amazing Spiderman. There was nothing like him, he was everything we dreamed of being and here was a chance. An opportunity to don the red and blue and become our hero. After 30 minutes of squirming in our chairs and our strongest attempt to ignore the incessant itching as our faces became caked with color, we emerged as two Spidermen. We came out proud and new, under the guise of someone else. The difference between us and Spiderman melting away with each stroke of heavy blue paint. We stood side to side, our pose perfected and our eyes serious. In our minds, we had placed the mask upon our faces and had become super. Then, in a bright flash, it all ended, captured forever in one 8 by 10 print.

For eleven years I’ve kept that print hanging on my wall, accompanied by an addition of crazy and fun memories of the past. Nothing seems to have changed between the two of us. Time didn’t matter between us, we always got back into that same groove. We were like two puzzle pieces, we could always slot back together and get into our old ways. Growing older with him has helped me become a better person and I’d like to believe that I did the same to him. We had never really been cool, more of a pair of awkward outsiders, but we had always stuck it out together and helped each other become the best versions of ourselves.

We spend so much of our life around other people, that it becomes essential that we choose to surround ourselves with the individuals that care about us the most. Your circle affects your personality tremendously, regardless of whether you spend five, ten, or fifty years together. What’s most important isn’t whether you have the most or the coolest friends, it’s whether you have the right friends. The friends who care about you the most. The friends who will be there when you’re a jerk and help you when you’re down. Find your second spiderman, the rhino to your cheetah, your partner in crime. Think about yourself as a puzzle piece waiting for the right partner, if everything’s right, you can come together and create an amazing picture.

MMA and Head Trauma

As a society, we love sports. Sports make billions of dollars every year, so they’re certainly not going anywhere. What’s less discussed about sports than say a game winning homerun, or who’s going to be performing at the superbowl, are the long term health detriments to players. Mixed Martial Arts is not an exception to sports in that it can cause long term head trauma to those who participate. Football players, Ice Hockey players, Boxers, and even Baseball players have all had concussions, and especially in the case of football, this is accepted as mostly normal. More recently people have started to take notice of the long term effects of this head trauma, looking at football players who are now suffering from it and occasionally fighters from different combat sports. Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy is degenerative brain disease that affects the memory, speech, and emotions of those who have it. Symptoms include memory loss, slurred speech, explosive behavior and depression.

This also says something about us as a society that we are aware of this in sports and still a good portion of us love to watch sunday night football and gamble in fantasy leagues. People are literally being paid millions of dollars to give themselves brain damage and sell tickets, merchandise, and advertise. That’s not to say we all think that this is ok, but even if we don’t think it’s ok are we going to stop watching football, or boxing, or UFC events? Most people don’t, and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.

People that fight in the UFC signed a contract to fight in the UFC and be televised, that was 100% their choice. Almost all fighters don’t regret this either, they were doing what they loved for a living and that made it worth it to them. So should we feel guilty for watching it on live TV? Maybe, but I’m not going to let that get in the way of my love for MMA or Muay Thai, or any other sport for that matter. I’m not forcing people to fight in the UFC, so I’m not going to act responsible for the consequences.

Cusimano, Michael D. Hutchinson, Michael D. Lawrence, David W. Schweizer, Tom A. Mar 21, 2014. Head Trauma in Mixed Martial Arts. Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education, University of Toronto. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Hutchinson, Michael. Jan 10, 2016 Opinion: The Harsh Reality of knockouts, concussions, and fighter health. Bloody Elbow.

McKee, A C. July, 2009 What is CTE? Department of Neurology, Boston University School of Medicine. Boston Massachusetts.

My Brand New Life

Before the time that is the last day of secondary 3’s life has come, I have a feeling that I will go back to Philadelphia where I born,I will leave my close friends in Hong Kong, I will leave my family in Hong Kong, I will miss my classmates in Hong Kong. Then, the day come, the day I saw my classmates one last time, the day I don’t want to have, but suddenly, this happen.

At the end of my last day of school, Jeff, one of my classmate, say to come to room 104(my classroom), when I heard that, I was shocked, I didn’t have any activities after school, then I follow him. When I go into the classroom, I see there are decorations all over the classroom, and there had a lot of food on the desk, even had a cake too. All my classmates were singing ‘See You Again’, along with the computer. Then, Jeff said, ‘This is the last day of your school day, we want to celebrate you, like a fell well party,’ After I heard that, my tears nearly came out of my eyes. After that, they start talked about me past 3 years, and they even gave a lot of presents to me. Before the time that was the last day of secondary 3’s life has come, I had a feeling that I will go back to Philadelphia where I was born, I will leave my close friends in Hong Kong, I will leave my family in Hong Kong, I will miss my classmates in Hong Kong. Then, the day had come, the day I saw my classmates one last time, the day I didn’t want to have, but suddenly, this happened.

I was very happy that they said goodbye like this, then we started to eat, there washed fried chicken, rice-I don’t know why they bought rice to a party-, cake, chocolate, etc. It was great that has a lot of food in a party, some of my classmates even played with the cake, I really didn’t mind. We even played some music while we were eating, it was like we are going to ‘destroy’ the classroom.

After we finished the eating, we went back to our own houses, while I was in the middle of the road to my house, I cried secretly, I didn’t want my classmates see me cry, I will miss my classmates and teacher at school, and this was the best day before I go back to Philadelphia, I will miss my ‘big’ family in Hong Kong.

Two weeks after the crazy party, it was the time to go back to where I born, Philadelphia, before the day we went to airport, we had already packed all our stuff into the luggage,  We even took my bicycle too, but most of it were my clothes, and some of my favourite anime and Pokemon things. Then, we went to the airport, ready to leave Hong Kong and , my aunt and my grandma were in the airport too! They came here to give a farewell to us, and they cried when we left the gate. After that, we went into a plane, and stayed in the plane for about 12 hours. My legs almost broke because I had to sit for about 12 hours without moving my legs, it was a nightmare.
After 12 hours, the plane had landed in Chicago, ready to change plane from Chicago to Philadelphia, but we were late and we missed the plane. The lastest plane would be the next day, so after 5 hours, we finally found a hotel that we could stay in Chicago, so we stayed one night in the Chicago.
The next day, we woke up about eleven o’clock and went back to the airport to wait the lastest plane that go to Philadelphia. And we finally made it, we took the lastest plane, but it was already evening, so when we arrived at the Philadelphia airport, it was 11 pm, and then we went to our hotel that we booked before, finally we could rest now. 

Advanced Essay

Mekhi Granby

Description of artwork My portrait of choice is a piece of artwork done by me. The picture contains 6 houses. The houses are colored in a dark grey. Each house has two windows and a door. Each house has a pointy roof in the shape of a triangle. The houses are square. Not all the houses are the same though. Out of six houses one of them is white. To me this house stands out the most because of the simple fact that is doesn’t look like the others. The background is different for each house. The first house has a blue background, second has a red background, third has a green background, fourth has a orange background, fifth has a different shade of blue background, and the sixth one has a purple background. The background is colored in the same direction of the houses. All though most of the houses look alike in shape they are not all in the same direction. This portrait can be perceived in multiple aspects. To me this picture shows symbolism, there are houses because home is where the heart is, one house is not dark grey because it’s not like the others it’s unique. There is a message that I get from this portrait. The picture is not 3-dimensional at all, the whole thing is flat or in other words 2-dimensional. Overall it is a very simple piece of art. The doors and windows have no color. The picture is sectioned off into six squares and each square contains a house.

Advanced Essay #1 rough draft It was 9th Grade, my first year of high school. It’s towards the end of the school year so I’m fairly adjusted to the school. 2nd period is art class and the students loudly enter the class. I take my seat, the classroom is full of portraits, sculptures, and murals. The teacher stands in front of the room and starts to announce the assignment. The task was to create an image of pop art. The teacher then showed some example images. From there I began to draw and the portrait was born.

This reminds me of my freshman year. When I first started 9th grade I hated it. I didn’t like anything about that school, things eventually changed. After a while I began to adapt, things weren’t as foreign to me as they once were. I then made friends and tried to make the best out of a not so good situation. My favorite time was lunch time, this became the home of where my friends and I laughed, made jokes, and talked about each other.

Advanced Essay #2

It is now my first day at my new school as a junior. I wake up early with a huge kool-aid smile, full of excitement as I can only imagine the day ahead of me. I head downstairs to enjoy the most important meal of the day. After that’s done I quickly bolt back upstairs to my room to discover my outfit of choice for this important day. I open my closet door to see a collection of shirts, pants, and everything in-between. I begin to sort through the clothes, searching for something nice to wear. I stopped searching for a second and started thinking of possible outfits. That’s it! I thought of a great combination and grabbed i instantly. I walk into the bathroom and set up the iron board up and plug the iron in. I start to brush my teeth while waiting for the iron to heat up. I finish brushing teeth and begin to iron my clothes. After I finish with that I’m basically ready to go, I pack everything I’d need for this amazing day and head out the door.

A piece of me

Within these experiences I’ve grown and learned how to deal with situations better. The experiences I’ve had with adapting to new environments and new people made me better with these situations. My 9th grade experience taught me that things get better over time, once I adapted things weren’t as bad as they once were. It taught me to make the best of any situation no matter the circumstance. These lessons have influenced and encouraged me to make better decisions, I may not always be in a comfortable or perfect setting; one has to leave their comfort zone in order to experience new things and my ability to adapt has made that task less challenging.

Feedback from Mr. TB:

Mekhi, you are off to a good start in English 3 this year. I like how this essay use your two different experiences of being new to school in order to analyze the larger idea of being resilient and adapting to life. Your descriptive scenes are well done, but I think your transitions between scenes and analysis could be more smooth—maybe you can take out the section headings? I like the personal tone, and I also wonder if you could be a bit more varied with your vocabulary and sentence structure (less sentences beginning with “I __”). Also, I was unable to find your introduction to the essay—did you have this in another doc? Overall, this is a good start to your writing career here at SLA.

Descriptive, Engaging Writing Descriptive scenes are short and carefully constructed in order for readers to connect with and understand the author’s experiences. 19 Analysis & Larger Idea Author makes insightful observations about issue and develops a larger idea. 17 Writing Flow Essay smoothly moves between scenes, analysis, and development of larger idea or insights. Extraneous writing is removed. 14 Mechanics Writing is polished and follows rules of Standard English. 18 Process Peer edit is completed in a quality fashion, there is evidence of revision, and paper is submitted on time. 20

Grade: 88

Unique-Lily Rivera

I stepped back a bit to let the bus slide in front of me. The doors opened and stepped up, sliding my trans pass through the scanner. I turned on my heel, glancing around the bus for a seat. I noticed an old lady staring at me, face contorted in disgust; I shrugged her off. I couldn’t find a seat, so I instead started to walk towards the back door to lean against the wall. I was stopped by the little old lady sitting in the front.

Without warning, she screamed, “Shave it off, whore!”

I looked at her, frozen in slight shock. The rest of the people on the bus turned their heads at the shout, eyes blown wide. Once I got over the slight shock, I looked at her in the eyes, stomach slightly shaking and eyes watering. My head bowed, slight hiccuping noises escaping my taught mouth; I couldn’t hold it in any longer.

I threw my head back and let out a hearty laugh, extremely amused by the outburst. Her face got angrier and angrier the more I laughed. I laughed right in her face and turned away, going to stand in the back of the bus. I shook my head in amusement, giggling quietly to myself.

The concept of a society is a funny thing, isn’t it? This thing that we call ‘Society’ practically rules our lives and determines our place in the world. The real definition of society, “..the aggregate of people living together in a more or less ordered community,” does not seem to match the definition us as a society created and live by. What we know as ‘Society’ has become its own entity, becoming more of a sort of rule book rather than a group of people. Society tells you how to exist has a human in a society, with rules on: what to watch on T.V., what to eat, who to worship, what celebrities to have a crush, but the biggest ones have to be what to wear and what to look like.

Me? Yeah, I definitely don’t fit into those standards. I have my head shaved in a masculine way, my hair is dyed an unnatural color, I have piercings in places that aren’t my ears, I either wear clothing that is too masculine or too revealing, I am not lady-like in any sense, I swear like a sailor, I’m not heterosexual, and I voice my opinions and stand my ground. All of what makes up me goes against mainstream standards for teenage females. I get comments all the time about how pretty I would be if dressed like a girl, or how I am a sinner for going against God’s ideal for how a woman should look, but, personally, I don’t really care. As I grew up, I grew a thick skin and sense of self-love, so I learned not to care about what people think. I never follow society’s rules, because frankly, they’re stupid. I am a leader, not a follower, and I believe that everyone should be one too. Be your own leader, make your own decisions, screw society. Be your own person, and love yourself.