Free Verse about my Grandmother

My Grandmother, who I call Granna

Grew up Virginia, and has many brothers

She had a lot responisiblity as young girl

She was a single mother, and raised my mom and uncle

To my surprise, she has not experienced sexism

She also doesn’t know people who really dealt with serious sexism

Very interesting opinions she has about gender

She believes that boys and girls should be raised equally

That they should not be raised based on stereotypes

She believes women have gained a lot, but have more to gain

Like equal pay

She accepts the LGBT community

Including transgender and gender non-conforming people

She has lived a great life

And raised 2 wonderful children

And has 4 grandchildren

She believes in God, but has no particular religion

She is very against inequality

This is my Granna

Herstory Poem

She is from the intelligent and crafty.

She is from an Irish Catholic family. Torn between church and science.

She is from Philly and Ireland

She is working, a young mother, uninhibited by the gender boundaries other provide.

She is unbothered, unfazed, and uninterested. 

She isn't held back. 

She is my mother.

She is by Crystal Taylor

She is my nurturing, amazing grandmother

She wonders if she will ever have the same rights/ opportunities as men

She hears the laughter of men and women constantly throw themselves at them

She sees the world constantly changing around her

She wants for her husband to still be here with her, so she won’t feel so alone

She is my nurturing, amazing grandmother

She pretends to be a basketball star, but knows it won’t happen because she’s supposed to be a “lady”

She feels like wearing sweatpants, but doesn’t because she knows her mom would give her hell

She touches her rough, gray hair and wishes it was longer

She worries about if her daughter, my aunt, will have to struggle how she did

She cries when she she finds out her son got divorced, it was never in the plan

She is my nurturing, amazing grandmother

She understands that women and men will never be equal

She says things like “If women were to listen to men, I bet you more marriages would last”

She dreams about her entire family being together again

She tries to make her grandchildren have the same views that she does, but it just won’t ever happen

She hopes that men will continue to be superior, which I will never understand

She is my nurturing, amazing grandmother

Media Fluency- Alyssa Eastwood

Untitled presentation
I choose to design my slide like this because I feel strongly about my friends. I decided to put most but not all of my close friends in it because I think they should be appreciated. I choose to design it this way because my friends literally make me. Without them I wouldn't be me. When I was thinking of what to do the first thing that came to mind is friends because they are so special to me. Also I put " MY LIFE " in the top left corner because they are my life. I also put the emojis because who doesn't like emojis. I always use them with my friends so its something that symbolizes that.  

Herstory by Imani Weeks

It was never about us 
Us girls that dreamed to be something 
Dreaming of a fairytale, wearing bright colors, and playing with dolls 
People saw us as nothing.

It was never about us
Nobody pushed us to further our education
To change the world for the better
We fought against discrimination 
We went unnoticed 
Because it was never about us
Jobs didn't come as easy 
Promotions didn't come by being the best 
Working hard didn't matter
We were seen as weak, emotional and domestic
It need to start being about us 

Zoey Tweh Tech Me Mag Billboard

me mag swag

Color: I love purple so the microphone is purple and everything else kind of stuck with the red, black, and yellows from the background picture. I also put in white to be bold and kind of elegant.

Size: I made the fonts 36 to be large and legible for the pyramids. Cinematography is also size 36 font but not in Georgia font instead POiret One to appear a little bigger and appear almost as creative and sophisticated as the art form itself. My name is the biggest its size 92 and Poiret font to appear important and structured but not so that its Times New Roman. The Italian at the end translating to the art of cooking is size 48 in Corsiva font because it should be big since my background and my passions include food. This word should be treated as it is valued so it is large and elegant.

Words as Shapes: As said before often while coinciding with words represent what they meant. I tried to not only capture the definition of the word but what it means to me.  The two pyramids are like Maslow's hierarchy of needs, what I value separated by priority. To the right are my relationship essentials. Those are things I take very seriously but also can be very fun and free so Georgia font finds the best meat in the middle font and also coincides with the pyramids showing which relationship is most prioritized. To the left is the more hobby related pyramid which I made upside down to do something a little different with the readers eyes as well in Poiret One font because it's a little more creative. I made sure that the Cloud society is going along with the “fluffy” cloud so I made it also Poiret One font in a burgundy color to blend with the cloud. Cinematography comes across is almost like a stamp on the skillet which is how I feel about myself.

Repetition: I mostly played with repetition in color using the same colors in the skillet and macaroni in the colors of the words. As well in the Stanford logo to keep a consistent theme and make sure most of the aspects blended.

Worry About It: I mainly for this one just edited and edited looking at the piece in presentation form and trying too look at it as if I were an audience member. As well checking over the rules.

Stay Active, Be Healthy

Stay Active, Be Healthy (1)
I learned from my peers that my wording wasn't aligned properly. I also learned that I should not include images of food since my phrase includes the words "Stay Active", which have nothing to do with eating or food in general. The last thing I learned from my peers was making the background more dull to have brightly colored pictures.

I made the changes to my slide because I wanted to demonstrate how I can learn quickly and readjust the things that aren't that well thought of. I also wanted to show my peers that I take in to consideration the suggestions that they had up to offer. Lastly, I wanted to show how I am capable of exceeding expectations on this slide overall.

Political Literacy

A New Literacy

57% of the citizens in the United States failed to vote at the last presidential election. Our country has survived for more than 200 years under one government tipped the balance in world wars, became a superpower, , and  carried its citizens  to space and the moon. Now the nation stands its annual gross product in debt (USA today), it’s congress so divided that it was necessary to shut down the government to reach a compromise,  however the most troubling by far is so few are calling for compromise.

While these various governmental problems seem trivial now personal experience has impressed how bad similar democratic systems can become. After leaving the airport and heading for the small mission, the failure of this democracy was clear. From every corner shined one of the electees bright smiles the posters promising change just like the last president had (He had been convicted with corruption charges).  His replacements promising change just like he once had, but each failing to bring food  to children lived in the slums hair streaking red from malnutrition, and development stunted as they grew up to raise their children in the same cycle of poverty. A guard shotgun and body armor protected a coke tuck as soda was carted into a large Mc'Donalds.  I realized how much we take for granted, not just our wealth, safety, and freedom, but the foresight that  great americans and their supporters in the past had poured into our country. 

Foresight was what made this system great, predicting the causes of corruption and power. Trusting future generations to act as they had, the branches were given the power to place us into debt, change the core of the system, and . This trust has often proven deserved with the louisiana purchase, the accomplishments of NASA, the emancipation proclamation, and the prevention of NAZI domination. 

The problems facing our country lie in populations political ineptness. Once it was considered below politicians to campaign. The public believed that they would make decisions on what candidates did, not who they recognized. The solutions are simple even if determine who’s right is impossible. I remember the first political debate I ever watched. My social studies teacher had decided that we would all watch the debate take notes and talk about in class. I sat their and watched the most powerful man in the world and his opponent bicker like children while the poor moderator tried to tell them their time was up. My dad yelled at the TV when he didn't like something and I took notes. I came to class the next day  believing I held the answers to everything. My teacher had us divide into parties and support what we noticed. I came forward on the and presented what had to be stonewalled argument undeniable,  unbreakable, and enduring. My teacher tore through this once unbreakable wall with the momentum of an army tank. I suspect that she would lose with similar humiliation to a congressional candidate (though I can’t be certain she is very sharp). 

The nation needs a new type of political literacy, not the memorization of the thousands of arguments to support their side but the ability to logically prioritize.

The best example is national debt the issue that sent congress into shutdown. I personally detest the raising of the debt ceiling, the idiotic things that both parties do to justify spending. The Democrats promoting the massive bureaucracy social security, welfare, and medicare programs. They have come to believe that you give away money when in debt. They refuse to make the hard choices and leave people to suffer, refusing to realise that these “poor americans” in this failing “capitalist” society many of these people are many times richer than the world average 1500 dollars a month. Help those who are starving and homeless children, however our system has made even our poor people wealthy and we must preserve it. The republicans are hypocrites claiming that debt must be eliminated however when chopping time comes the military must be spared because the protect and secure America. I have two points, from who, and the fact that America began it’s history defeating the world's greatest military force as a loose assembly of semi-settled colonies.

This is my new stone wall arguement that I support just as strongly as the one I once did in school. The truth is much to complicated to unravel (when was the last time someone changed parties while in office?), however I am a strong believer in the famous saying “A good compromise leaves everyone unhappy.” Smart, intelligent, and good people lay on both side of the party line it is time for the American People to understand that it is time to create change using more than political majorities. While I lack political expertise finding a good compromise is simply the middle ground. Here’s what I propose for national debt:

Democrats get
Higher taxes on the rich
Military cuts 50%
Guns legalized.
Republicans get
Magazine size limited to 5 for rifles 10 for pistols. Pull trigger once, one bullet comes out.
Debt ceiling set
Massive cuts to welfare, and medicare 75%

This would lead both parties angry and seems to be a fair compromise. The actual conclusions could be much different but we need to understand the importance of taking steps to fix the problems. 
`The middle ground will take people with the ability to  comprehend the severity of problems. The example is the ridiculous responses to Ebola, people just saw the news report and created a national sensation. The truth was the disease could never efficiently grow and spread on American soil, drugs, no blood to blood contact, and good medical care would stop the disease in it’s track.
This leads to my  final point the ability to create good compromises, the citizens and congressmen have to prioritize. The ability to quote the hundreds of statistics pushing your side and “proving” your point, this has only resulted in government shut-down and party wars. Instead of focusing on who is right and who is wrong, the new political literacy needs to determine what matters and find a middle ground on those issues. 

Diamond Poem

Soy Lauryn

A veces me encanta escuchar música

           divertida y simpática

              No soy ni baja

                 ni aburrida

                   yo soy!


Her Era Poem: The Interview With My Mom

My mom is Myracherisse, born to Peggy King. In Philadelphia, with 2 brothers and one sister. She’s the baby of the family and was born in the 60s. Sagittarius is her zodiac and she always felt a bit of a drawback.

Being an African-American female, her life was never a fairytale. The impact of race always brought her into a debate but being a girl she felt like it was necessary to always have a ponytail.

Wearing light colors and skirts never could she ever go and play in the dirt. Keeping a job was something she said was difficult so she tried to stay biblical.

The same could apply for education, hand and hand it was highly complicated. Her opinion on treatment between genders aren’t like my generation. She thinks it’s so much unnecessary, extra complication.

Her views are common old stereotypes but I guess that’s because they never went out of the box. She’s understanding and still insightful.

She just doesn't know anything about these titles. The definitions of gender and sex and how they are more in-depth. All she knows is boy and girl -- nothing less. Nothing more until I taught her about them, them their and theirs. Her eyes opened wide as if she saw THE light.

She said okay that should be in a book, I shook my head and agreed with a look.

The World From Her Perspective

Free Verse; The Interview From my Gmom

“There’s different strokes for different folks...”

A piece that she can never forget.

Her world, different from ours

From discrimination to segregation

From a time where 2 genders existed

Her life, one who’s expected to know how to care

While the other side knew to protect

Her eyes seized what the world threw at her

Her eyes gasping at what she found

Bodies paving the streets,

Screams swallowing her mind,

Her sisters crying for help,

But not all could be satisfied.

It was her world

She learned to live through it the best way that she could

She learned to toughen up to take what she could

Just anything else,

That was the job of her family

New Slide, Kendall


I learned from my peers that the font was hard to read, the picture was blurry,had to fix the heart, and add more things to the slide. With this information I changed the font from corsiva to abel to make it easier to read. Then I centered the words a little more in the heart but still had it bleed off the slide. Also I found a way to not have the image blurry and added the thought bubble for the cat to add more things to the slide to make it feel less empty. To finish it off I angled the heart towards the cat to direct your eye to the cat.

New Tech Slide  (1)

Becoming ME! (Remastered) By Sean DeSilva


Receiving a lot of constructive criticism improved my perspective on how my slide should be presented. Before, I really did not know how to describe my slide to the audience. But now, having a better understanding of contrast, how colors can collide, catching someone's attention and the three dimensions to a slide made me feel more confident as I "remastered' my slide from its previous state. The point I wanted to get across when I was presenting my previous slide was not so clear and I wasn't able to explain it since I had to describe/explain my slide and not tell a story to the class. Since I re-visited my previous slide, I am confident that with the revision, I am able to explain to the audience my journey through the perspective of the slide. Throughout the critique, I learned that not all audiences want and or need bright colors to get their eye. Sometimes something as basic as a black and white picture can interest and grab the audience's attention. The main reason why I made these specific changes to my slide were to be able to present the slide in a clear and informative manner. With some font and color adjustments my slide is now ready and remastered!


Poema-Ahmed Ahmed

                                                Me nombre es Ahmed
                                                     Tengo 15 anos
                                     Soy de Sudan pero vivo en Filadelfia
                                                     Soy delgado
                                                   Me gusta nadar
                                             No me gusta nada leer
                                                    Como eres tu?


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Families - 

If you use for your holiday shopping, you can raise money for our school just by shopping! 

If you go to and identify Science Leadership Academy HSA as your charity, a percentage of your purchases will go to SLA every time you shop! All you have to do is go to every time, rather than, and it will always happen at no extra cost to you! 

Support SLA while shopping, who could ask for more?

Happy shopping!

-- Mr. Lehmann

My Slide - Myah McCoy

My Slide
My slide represents how unique I am. During middle school I had a really hard time finding out my own style and what were my interest. I was always try to follow the crowd. I choose this quote because I believe a lot of people are afraid to be themselves because they are afraid of being judge or being certain a certain way. Honestly people shouldn't care what other people think of them. People should do what makes them happy. I learned that middle school and I learned how to do my own thing.

I choose these certain colors for my slide because I wanted to make my slide bright but not overwhelming at the same time. I wanted colors with a lot of contrast and can be noticed far away. I really wanted people to get the message I was trying to send. I choose have pictures of myself around the quote because the pictures shows my personality. As you notice each picture shows me making a different face showing different sides of my personality. Each picture shows me being myself.

Advanced Essay #2: Cultural Appropriation

Introduction: I wanted to write about a topic that I am very passionate about. Everyone who is somewhat close to me knows how much on a daily basis I talk about cultural appropriation and my views and belief on it. I felt like this was the perfect opportunity to do so. In this essay, I explore the cons of cultural appropriation, as well as explain the parallels of cultural appropriation vs. appreciation. I also included a scene of memory that is a bit personal, but I'm proud in doing so because it is important that people come to know battles that you've struggled with because they may have struggled with those problems too and in return find closure in what you've wrote. As a writer, I plan to grow a bit more by exploring different topics like these and not being afraid to share my opinions on controversial topics such as this.

Suffocated by the soft, downy pillows and encapsulated by the fleecy fabric of my comforter, I lay on my bed engulfed into the images etched onto the screen of my phone. It is a long afternoon awaited; I just got back home from school and my entire body AND brain aches from the daily school-tasks of, writing, studying and thinking, purely exhausting. What better way to relax than to scroll endlessly, drifting off into a hazy cloud of social media? Away I go! “Hmmm, I think I’ll go on Instagram first.”  I think to myself. The hazy cold-blue light of the cellular device projects onto my face when suddenly my eyes widen with confusion. Images of people with distorted lips appear all on my news feed. Their bruised abnormal mouths match their painful expressions. Below these images I see in big, bold, blue text:


“Ugh! Kylie Jenner!” I say aloud. I’ve already expressed my disdain for this girl because of her “Kylie Jenner Lips” but c’mon! Now people all over social media are creating entire hashtags in honor of something she didn’t even have a whole year ago! I feel a surge of anger flow through my veins; the prickly heat of rage and disappointment seeps throughout my blood. Why does social media praise this girl as if she the almighty creator of big lips? Black girls are born into this world with big full lips but instead of admiration, we receive mockery.

But why? Because culture that people of color identify themselves with are only seen as significant and appropriate when associated with white people. This can be described as “cultural appropriation”. Society values the cultural objects, identities and items of an oppressed people when it is in the possession of a white person.

As a young black girl, I rarely ever saw any depiction of my features in the media. Even now, it is still hard to see any representation of black women. Because of that, I grew up very insecure and never saw the real beauty in me and people similar to me.

I stand in front of the spotless mirror in the corner of my bedroom. I examine every crevice and curve of my face. I trace the slope of my wide nose, wishing it was slimmer, touch thickness of my cupid’s bows, hoping it would become thinner and inspect the complexion of my skin, wondering why I couldn’t be lighter. It’s ugly, all of it. My eyes pour water out my tear ducts and in them, I bask in the rainfall of self-hate.

That was years ago, when I was uncomfortable with my looks, but now I’ve accepted who I was born as and love myself. But I am not the only black female who has experienced this self conflict. We, as blacks girls were, and still are, teased for our “gargantuan” features. From our broad noses, to our thick lips, to our curvy hips and voluptuous behinds. Cloaks of shame are thrown onto our bodies and our identities. But for our white female counterparts, (and sometimes on other women of color), when sporting our “anomalies” it is “exotic”and “acceptable” on them. They adopt what we identify with and make it into their own.

Cultural appropriation: the adopting of one’s culture as a trend, while simultaneously, ignoring the cultural significance of the object that is being appropriated, and being praised for it. Cultural appropriation is an extremely disrespectful act. Not only are you taking a culture’s object to identify yourself, but the people of that culture that you are appropriating, are completely disregarded. In other words, as described by Twitter user @slytherinpunk, cultural appropriation is like “...working on a project and getting an F and then someone copies u and gets an A & credit. That’s the big problem with cultural appropriation; the appropriator is praised for the adoption of one’s culture while the creators of that culture are criticized for representing their culture. However, there are some cases where the appropriator is unaware of the cultural significance of the item, in which the appropriation of the object/culture is in use of ignorance.

Some may argue that instead of “appropriation” of one’s culture, it is “appreciation” of that culture. The person who is committing the act may not be intentionally appropriating one’s culture to adopt as its own, but to show its common interest in that culture. However, it is still not suitable to do so. For example, a white man decides to grow dreadlocks, with preconceived information about the value of growing this popular black hair-style and the symbolism it represents. He wears them, without undergoing the several obstacles that a black man with locks will deal with. He is not called a thug, he is not looked at as if he sells drugs, he will not be told that he looks like he smells like “weed and patchouli”, but he may very well might fit all of those described. But it is the black man with dreadlocks who will suffer those stereotypes because of his race. The white man will not suffer because of his privilege. So out of respect, even if the perpetrator is showing his appreciation of a culture, it is best that he doesn’t. Because the one who the culture belongs to will be treated unfairly compared to the one who is appropriating it.

Cultural appropriation is a product of white privilege  and oppression. When people of color came to this country (excluding Native Americans) they were shunned for expressing their culture. Whites were able to express their culture freely.  People of color were forced to accept white culture as a means of being accepted. For example, many blacks were forced to tame their wild afros which held such liberal significance throughout the civil rights movement and instead get relaxers, just so they could get hired for a white man’s job/company. Many other people of color were teased for their vernacular and slang and told to speak “normal” or “proper”. So when a white person appropriates those things, it’s a slap in the face because not to long ago, they made sure that we felt ashamed by the way we walk, talk, dress, look and dance. When people of color explore other people of color’s culture, that is diversity. We as people of color, know how it feels for someone to make fun of our culture, so when we see other people of color exploring and rocking our culture, we see it as appreciation because at least we understand. When a white person does it, it’s somewhat mockery. For instance, Rachel Dolezal, the white woman who passed off as a black woman; complete disrespect to black women everywhere. To walk around pretending to be black is mockery because as a white woman, she’ll never know the ups and downs, trials and tribulations it is to be black AND female.  Because at the end of the day, Rachel can straighten her hair and lose the tan and go back to getting all the white privilege she can get her hands on. But it doesn’t work the other way around. people of color can never be accepted by whites, no matter how good their income is, what degree they have nor how well they speak, because we’ll always be seen as a minority.

It is important that people learn their boundaries with one’s culture.  Channeling a culture as your own is impertinent. Hopefully, there comes a time where people can learn to embrace their own identities, rather than taking someone else's.

Jabbar, Kareem Abdul. "Cornrows and Cultural Appropriation." Time. Time, 26 Aug. 2015. Web. 25 Nov. 2015. <>.

Johnson, Maisha Z. "What’s Wrong with Cultural Appropriation? These 9 Answers Reveal Its Harm." Everyday Feminism. Everyday Feminism, 14 June 2015. Web. 23 Nov. 2015. <>.

"Watch Amandla Stenberg's Primer on Cultural Appropriation." Dazed. N.p., 16 Apr. 2015. Web. 23 Nov. 2015. <>.

Dayanna's Media Influency

When asked who I am, I usually categorize myself as an artist. That's what I identify as, It's a major part of who I am. From the age of 6 I remember always having a pencil in my hand, drawing away to "pass my time." As I got older and taught myself more and more about the greatness that art is, I realized what I was doing was beyond just a pencil and paper. It was a way to communicate my feelings, it was simply.... me.  That is why, I decided to make my slide mainly about my artwork. I did this by incorporating some of my best work, and other visuals of artwork I've done. Going into this, I knew that's what I wanted to focus on.  As mentioned in Presentation Zen, contrast is an important principle of making an amazing presentation. Using this method to catch the eyes of my audience, I highlighted words that stood out. Using another method from what I've learned, I left a great amount of empty space so my viewer doesn't feel bombarded with visuals of what I consider to be Who I am.
tech (1)

Herstory Poem by Ameena Atif

She is from a happy childhood until her dad died.

She is from a Philadelphia ghetto.

She is from University of Pennsylvania , and college.

She is from pies on Thanksgiving and dark skin, from Drena Williams and Robert Williams and the Williams family.

She is from the loud voices and obnoxious attitudes.

From lack of equal pay and career advancements.

She is from Islam and Christianity.

She is from Philadelphia and chicken and koolaid.

Who Am I? - Nzinga Bey

Tech project (2)

Maya Angelou once said When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time. And that quote will stick with me all my life as well as the on one my slide. I can describe my self in thirty different ways. I chose to write words and use pictures. I like to show not tell.

Design process:

I decided to have a 50/50 slide. It shows a quote and then images. I decided to have a color contrast because I wanted the slide to flow nicely. I chose a light blue and white because a lot of my pictures are dark and I wanted my slide to be lively. As you can see I didn't use my name in the slide because I didn't want to have to much repetition. I believe my pictures are spaced out evenly by how much I like or care about them. My word font is big enough ,so people see the words along with the pictures. I wanted what I said to not over power anything else I wanted it to be equal symmetry in the mind.

Media Fluency - Genero Accooe


Genero Accooe

12/ 1/ 15

Red Stream

The reason I designed my slide this way was to symbolize my nationality. My race is a very important thing to me because it is the one thing that usually differentiates me from other people I meet. The background of my slide is a symbol for biracial and seemed very important to include in the slide. The W and B were used to symbolize both sides of my race, but it was also used to show other characteristics I have. I used “contrast” technique to make the words easier to notice and keep up with.