My slide- Samera Baksh

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 I made the slide this way because I didn't want any pictures. All I wanted was a plain colored background. I wanted my quote to stand out the most. I wanted my slide to explain about who I am. My slide explains about how I am different from others, to be honest I am okay with that difference. In just a few words my slide explains who I am.  I chose the colors blue and white because personally I really like that combination. I wanted the words to be bold so everyone could know.

The Incredible and Creative William Magizine

The Incredible William Magazine

I made a slide with the picture of an otter reaching for ice cream bars in a meme describing the other's thoughts, saying ¨I need dis¨. Below the meme is the title, The Incredible William Magazine. I gave this title so that it could be the cover page for my Me Magazine. Below is the sub title, ¨Now that I've got your attention, please feed the otters or your in debt to me!¨ says to the viewer that the picture has grabbed your attention and it is now asking you to carry out an order to do something related to the picture, in this case, it´s asking to feed the otter(s). I wrote that so that the slide would be interacting with the viewers by asking them a question, to see if they will choose to feed the otter or not. This question is supposed to make the viewer feel like they are looking at what could become an add on a billboard. I chose this picture because it was a meme and lots of people like memes for how funny they can be and memes are sometimes used to get points around. I chose the picture because in my opinion, otters are cute and fascinating animals and otters is most likely to grab the audience's attention. I used a real picture instead of a 2-D cartoon or drawing to apply texture. A real picture shows the true details instead of made-up ones like those of in man-made art. For color and value I put the brightness near middle gray and used black letters to stand out among the gray. The transparency is at 46% and the color contrast at 48% to make the colors of the picture to be visible and not very dull amongst the sentence. The picture covers the entire slide so that it can be very visible to the viewers because it is what is needed to get the viewer´s attention so that they will listen to this presentation. I put the title in red and in piedra font and for the subtitle in black and orbitron font so that they contrast and stand out against each other. Thank you for being a respective listener(s).

Clearly Cianni

Before I made my slide I read the presentation zen link to see what a nice slide should consist of.  The information I got from Presentation zen was to make my letters big, contrast colors , use pictures not a lot of words , and have one theme. So based off the information I decided to make the theme of my slideshow about who I am as a person and put some symbols to describe me. The urban michel basquiat crown  is to symbolize me being a princess. On my slide there is a melting diamond , it symbolizes me not being perfect because no diamond is perfect but still is beautiful and shines very bright. Lastly there is a heart made by people holding hands. I decided to put that there because I have a big heart and I always try to give people a helping hand. My slide has a black background with ombre colors as my title. Presentation zen suggested that people should use contrast colors when trying to make something stand out.  Presentation zen influenced my slide a lot. The title of my slide is Clearly Cianni because the slide clearly describes who I am.   

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Teyonna Little

While adding pictures, I focused on one of the essential questions that the 9th grade reflection states. That question was, “who am I”. Who am I?  I added and added pictures and memories of my younger self. The tips I read from the sources,encouraged me to make the slide the way I did. The thing that influenced my decision making was the tips and advice given by the writers and authors. A picture is worth a thousand words. Encouragement and confidence is what also helped me to do make the slide the way I did. With those things, I knew that there was more that had to be expressed. The saying of one image, but the expression, memory, and feeling of multiple images is what needed to be seen. You look back and see what you once were, and you look at yourself now and you see all of the improvement and success that has come upon you. And you are proud, I am proud. That is what spoke to me and gave me the confidence and the boldness needed to make this slide.
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Media Fluency

Presentation (2)
I made my slide simple so it could demonstrate the thing I love the most. I made sure that the size of the words matched the space of the picture. I love baseball the most so I put the picture to represent myself. I decided not to add too many elements or patterns, not because I'm lazy but because I wanted to show I'm not an artsy person. I took into mind our class conversation about bleeding so I decided to get a picture that bleeded. I also decided not to make the words to dense in the little space I had so I spread them out in a small pattern , but not too much again to show that I'm not too artistic.

Media Fluency

When I was creating my slide, one of the first things I thought about was keeping it simple but able to get the point across effectively. To do this, I did my best to make it as visual as possible, with a minimal amount of words, and making the existing words font size as large as possible. Then I decided to make sure there was extreme contrast in the background so that the entire slide was eye-catching and clear. I kept most of the textures neat and smooth. When I was choosing an image, I wanted one that would complement the look of the text, so I chose one with horizontal lines that would match. When I was choosing a value for the color, I wanted it to stand out, but I did not want it to be too harsh, so I chose a dark blue. When considering balance, my slide is asymmetrical because I wanted to use thirds. I did not want the text or the image overpowering the other so I kept the sizes similar. When I was setting up the placement of text and images on my slide, I split it into thirds, putting the text up top and the image in the bottom righthand corner, and so that the slide was not visually overwhelming Ieft the rest as empty space.

Me Mag Slide

Tech Slide

tech 1 slide project-chandrea

Chandrea Lack

December 8, 2016

How I Made My Slides

I created my slides by looking over all of my pictures from previous years and just pictures that describe who I am. In my Me Magazine I presented and talked a lot about my friends, family, and music and I am glad to be sharing these pictures in front of my classmates. During my design process I thought it would be cool to add pictures to show the timeline of my  ME MAGAZINE.  I decided to look through my phone and put the pictures from years in the past and graduation into my slide. Some of the pictures reflect on the things that I like to do such as sports and listening to music. Some of the sports that I play are soccer, volleyball, football, and basketball.  The different types of music that i listen to are bands (Green Day, Panic at the Disco, etc.)  I listen to rap, hip hop, and other genres of music. This slide also shows my friends and how we always stick together from thick and thin and how we always have each others backs. The 2 best friends that have been with me are Alina and Christina. I have known Alina since 4th grade and my other closest friend is Christina  who I have known since 2nd grade. We love each other and consider each other as sisters. I hope that you liked my slide that I had created and the creativity that I have added.

Media Fluency

All about Dasia (1)

My slide has 2 flags which are the American flag and the Khmer flag. Those 2 flags represent what I believe in. I am Khmer and African American. I have quotes that inspire me because they have a meaning in life. “Beauty isn’t about having a pretty face. It is about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart, and most importantly, a beautiful soul,” is my favorite quote because it has a meaning to being a good person with beauty in and out of you. All of my quotes makes me think positively and to never give up. What influenced my decision making was my parents who supports me with everything.

Media Fluency Slide

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I added a textured corkboard as the background, and increased the contrast to match the corkboard background on the scrabble tiles I used to spell out my name. I also angled the photos so that they convey a slight sense of movement, and a pleasing visual rhythm. The angled photos and the placement and rotation of the pins makes the entire picture more convincing and realistic, as well as making the appearance less unnerving.  The differentiation in the angles, along with the layering of images, creates variety in the complete slide. There is a white border along the outside of each photo, which is aesthetically pleasing due to the high contrast. The strip of rainbow as a top border acts as a line, and helps to draw the viewer’s attention systematically along the entire canvas.

Media Fluency

Media Fluency Slide (2)

      This slide took a lot of thinking, and planning. Being that a slide can be considered a glance media, I thought of an acronym that would be understood. What describes my life in a matter of 3 seconds? I used LIFE to make the acronym Learning Identity Football Eagles. I chose Learning because my education is extremely important to me. I chose identity because the slide shows a lot about who I am as a person. Football because of who big of a role it has played in my life over the past couple years, and finally the Eagles because I’ve been obsessed with them ever since I was born.

My slide purposely had lettering that stuck out so people would notice it. According to the presentation zen website our slides should be “digestible in a matter of 3 seconds” and that's what I tried to do. To be creative I tried to make some of the lettering, and pictures “bleed” of the page. Lettering on half the slide, and a collage of photos on the other for the consumer to notice. Overall the slide had all content necessary. The slide had details about me and showed a lot about who I am. The slide sort of looks like a IKEA Billboard also. It is overall filled with pictures, and eye catching detail that shares my identity.


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The slide before you is a picture of Ultimate Frisbee. I chose Ultimate because it a really cool and fun sport to play. The colors of the picture all work together and are visible. The letters say Ultimate Is Awesome because it is in my opinion. I also play Ultimate so I thought it would be a good thing for my slide. I have the letters red so you can see it but it doesn’t take away the picture. I made it that size so it is visible from far away and so you can see my opinion on the sport.

Kyle Thomas// Media Fluency

I decided to make my billboard get noticed.  My goal was to get my slide into the glance media. When people see my billboard I want them to slow down. They should know the elements such as the color, shape, size, lines, patterns, etc. The purpose of my visual is to show my talent and what I feel about it. Next, my theme is to  show how fun and my life on my slide. Also, trying to persuade people to dance. I based my slide off of pictures of me in a dance pose or with my team.
Media Fluency- Kyle Thomas (1)

One Slide

One Slide

The decisions I made were based on color really. My goal was to make my slide like glance media, but I think it’s too many pictures for it to be glance media. I wanted this to be something that would catch the eye. I also wanted to implement contrast so I put the red in the front since it’s bolder than white. One thing that my slide isn’t is one slide, one point. Since there is many points of interest.

Rahmir Powell// Media Fluency

n this entire process, I learned how and where to place things on a slide. I learned that contrast makes a huge difference in every way. I learned that size, alignment of pictures and word font can also make a difference as well as italicizing and underlining. On my reflection I decided to use a landscape view which shows a close up of the basketball, which pretty much built my life. I also put "My sport" in a small font which contrasts with the background but doesn't draw much attention. It is VERY important to do research before a project because there's a lot of mistakes when you don't.
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Technology: One Slide Project and Script

Technology 1 Slide Project (2)
So this is my slide for this Technology project. I am going to explain why I did what I did using terms I’ve learned over the past few classes. Firstly, there is a lot of blank space. I did this because if there would be too much, I felt like it would be too dense and therefore, too much to see. I made it simple and to the point to avoid confusion. I kept the color of the background to white because I didn’t want any crazy colors. It would take away from the more important things like the pictures. I tried to match most of the colors of the pictures to other words/pictures in the slide. For example, the three “z”s match the colors of the words. Thanks for listening!

Media Fluency

tech tobi adebayo (4)
The way I designed my billboards was to get my point across with not looking at it for very long. The biggest  thing on the billboard was an image of a girl doing a gymnastic move. At your first site One can tell that yes it will be about gymnastics. A billboard is used to sell somethings or inform someone about a topic from far away. So one can see it when driving in their car which is very quick, for that reason I made the font of my words 60 and made it bold so it would stand out from a far. My background was a mild tone pink I chose this color because I wanted to draw your eye as soon as you see it. I did not want to a bright color because I didn't know how it would reflect in the light. The font was blue and the background was pink this was so they contracted with each other but i made sure they blended at the same time. The main purpose for me creating this billboard was to inform people about the gymnastic community and pursue them to join. I had one key point and made sure throughout the whole process that key point was made. There were not to making things on my slide, because I didn't want to cram you mind with to many things at once. This is why there were a lot of blank space. You had time to take everything in while on your way to work or wherever you may be going on your ride. There was a theme to my slide. I had three main colors blue, pink and black. These colors blend well with each other that's what made my billboard stand out. To end, my billboard was an interesting and different one because it had all the components and it stood out.

My Slide - Derek Jordan

TECH Slide (2)
Most of the photos in my slide consist of pictures with close-ups of people or things. This is the best way to single out the one thing that I want the viewer to see. I also placed the dominant eye in the center of the photos. The picture of my brother and the picture my father show that. My entire slide has colorful text and images. Each word on the top of the slide has a different color and each photo has a different mixture of colors. The picture of the smoothie has a blank background to make it pop out and the picture of the cow has contrast between the grass and the cow itself.

Media Fluency

DALNICK MATOS final power point
At first it was very difficult to make a decision on what I wanted to put on my slide. The assignment was to incorporate what you wrote on your “Me Magazine” and put it into your slide. I thought it was going to be easy. I thought to myself how hard can it be? I ended up making three slides all crowded, and very disorganized. After seeing some of my fellow classmates slides I decided to look at the sites. On one of them it talked about color and texture. It was a hard task to make the colors have intensity but make it look good at the same time. Many times I put myself in the perspective of the people who will be looking at my slide. With the first couple of slides most of my colors were either too bright or dark and in some cases you could not see the words. I decided to go with a light soothing background. It pops out but it doesn't hurt the eye when you first see it. The background made me feel calm and makes it easy to read the words on it. It was also difficult to write something in your slide that sums up what you talked about in your “Me Magazine”. The slide could not be crowded so I took many things that weren't needed out the slide. I decide to put one picture so they can focus on it more. If there were more pictures they wouldn't know what to focus on. I also decided to make the words big so they could focus on them to and make it easy and simple to read. I didn't want to make the people looking at it use up to much of their time, I want it to be quick and nice. The reason I decided to put the picture tilted was so the design of the slide could blend  in and make it have space so you could see the depth of the picture. To conclude the key to having a good slide is to incorporate having space, color, balance and size.

5 Minutes of science- Coral Bleaching

Coral, contrary to popular belief, is an animal. It is composed of coral polyps, small organisms, no larger than the thickness of a nickel. It is involved in a symbiotic relationship with a special kind of algae, called zooxanthellae. Coral keeps the algae safe, and in return the algae provides it with oxygen.

When coral is under high stress, it expels the algae from its tissue. The algae is corals source of vibrant color, so when it is removed the coral appears white like it was dipped in bleach.The main sources of this stress are, changes in water temperature, Pollution, Runoff water, Exposure to air during low tide, exposure to too much sun light. 

Coral bleaching is a common event, mass bleaching events have happened over the years. the largest on record happened in 2002 at the great barrier reef, where 54% of the coral was bleached. Bleaching is referred to as "The beautiful death" because it looks nice, but there is a higher mortality rate in effected corals. An easy way to prevent/fix coral bleaching is to treat the enviornment better. Many factors that harm the coral are man made. 

Currently the norther part of the great barrier reef is experiencing a bleaching event due to a 1 degree celsius change in the water temperature. Many were quick to say the reef was dead but its not too late, coral is a hearty life form and is known to bounce back from what seem to be extinction events. 



Me Magazine slide Rivera

Slide Project Rivera (1)

 Slide Script

Hello My name is Benjamin Rivera and this is my slide. Based off of my Me Magazine I put a collage of things that I enjoy to do. I research how to make a slide pop to that viewers eye. First I made sure to use big letters. If you use smaller letters then people won’t be as interested in the slide because they want to  be able to she all the print without trying hard.  

Next to do was what type of pictures to put on my slide. I thought long and hard and thought what about sport action shots and I picked things that I liked and of course I had to put myself on the slide. One thing I put was a superman sign because I represent team superman. I picked sport action shots because one I play sports and that’s a passion I have and I thought it would pop out. I could just pick any pictures though. I made sure that everything was nice and smooth so you didn’t have to look really close.

I looked up sports magazines and notices they changed the colors of the pictures. It made the image look smoother with contrast. So I used that idea and put it into my slide to improve and change the pictures. I didn’t make everything the same color because I felt like it should be creative.

Now it was time to make everything pop out. The background was next. In the IKEA website all the products had a nice background that made the product look good. But it also makes it really pop your picture out. What’s something that people get attracted to when they see if for the first time. Shiny things. I looked up a bright star edited the coloring and poof I had my background ready to pop out.

ONE slide

Aries 269 Daily

I made the slide based off of my interests. I based it off of space and sci-fi. I picked the background because I wanted a space picture. I picked the color of the words so that they were visible against the background. The title is large because it is important.

Media Fluency


Technology is a huge part of my life from my phone even when it comes to my laptop. Some of the thing that influenced the things in this slide were the most important things in my life.These things also have to do with some of the most important accomplishments in my life.

Swimming has been really important to me for the past six years. I have won 3 of my 4 meets. And it just so happened that my coach was a lifeguard coach also. Therefore this coming February, I get to take the lifeguard test. This will be a great accomplishment for me, for the future.

My dad can be really, a lot.  It took a long time but I feel that I have been able to build a really strong relationship with him. Although he constantly annoys me, I still answer to him and love him as my dad. I honestly don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for who my dad is. He’s always been there for me in my life even in “bad times”.

Last, but especially not least, comedy has been a huge part of my life. It has opened lots of doors for me. Making people in general is just another passion for me. Although, people don’t understand my jokes (half of the time they just don’t want to admit that I’m funny) I still try to make people laugh because, it’s what I love.

I didn’t really learn much from this project, because of other media fluency classes that I have taken similar to this. Yet, something that I did learn, is getting inspiration from thing as simple as store signs. I learned about some of the things that make a sign intriguing. Things like typefaces, colors, fonts, sizes, and even grammar and wording. The way that all of these things look affect the way that someone interprets your presentation.

Media Fluency

Me Magazine Slide

 I made this slide because I believe it reflects the hardship and pain that I went through and still go through. I thought of all that I shared in my me magazine and realized that the cover that I drew was what reflected my life. I also liked the theme of good versus evil as a background because it's been a very important part in my education and how I got to SLA in the first place. I also recognized the contrast of colors between the dark red and the bright white, so I used black and white text. The slides background also uses a lot of texture to give it a real life sort of feel. The Zen website explained that to many words on a slide would make it boring. So I chose to just keep the title of my Me Magazine since that's what the project is based on.


Tech slide(Gayer)

Tech slide (Gayer)

First of all I made the slide look like that because, come on why not, it’s funny. When would anything like this ever happen. Also if you see this on a billboard you’re gonna be like what the… and I’m going to leave it at that. Oh yeah that picture in the corner is what I and many of you like to do on the weekend. I chose to make my slide like this because I wanted to summarize all the crazy stuff that goes on in my head when I’m board into one picture and this was the best I could do. Anyway so what I did to create the slide was, I copied and pasted the picture into google slides then I gave it a dark background and made the picture transparent. If you double click the picture in google slides then go to image options and mess around with the settings you can do that. And that’s all I have to say.