Tylier's home network

​1.My L.A.N. is Comcast. All the devices on my internet connection are my phones from my mother, me , my step father. There are two tablets that belong to my two brothers. I have a computer connected to an ether-net cable and my school laptop as well a laptop my parent uses. I also have an Xbox that is connected through WiFi.
2. I learned how to create a PDF file and how the internet, intranet, and the world wide web work and how they differ from each other
3.I would tell other people the difference between the internet and the intranet. Next, i would teach them about how they get internet into their house. Finally, i would show them their connected devices that are connected to their intranet.

Home Network, Pokora

My LAN network has a lot of wifi connections. I have 4 iPhones, 2 iPads, 2 Laptops, Printer, and an AppleTV. I also have my iMac connected to the internet through an Ethernet cable.

I personally never thought of how many things are on my wifi, I also found it interesting seeing what other peoples networks look like.

Having an ISP is very expensive if you look at the yearly price, but it is all worth it if you use the great internet. Paying for a decent speed is also pretty important, trust me chipping in the extra money is worth saving the anger. With great power comes great responsibility! 

Eric Valenti Home Network

All the devices on my network are three iphones, two laptops and a tablet they are all connected because they all work off the same network so if the network is slow all the devices will be slow. I learned how networks work they start with a cloud and for my network are connected with a co ax cable to a modem router which sends a signal to all my devices. If I had to tell people about all of this I would tell them that  cables are different when it comes to connecting from the cloud to modem router


  1. explain your L.A.N. Local Area Network - all the devices on your internet connection.
  2. reflect on what you learned about networks, did you have an OMG moment that you learned something new and interesting? if now write about what you learned.
  3. what would you tell other people that they need to know about having an ISP/Home network?
1) My L.A.N: its a really short "circuit". Its based of a Comcast cable that goes threw behind the wall to the modem/router. The modem/router gives conection to the pc, ps3 and printer by a cable called ethernet cable. Then we have some divies conected by wifi like chromebooks, our phones, tablets, etc.
2)I already studied this in Spain but It was great learning them in English because the names are funny
3)The ISP is the internet service provider like comcast verizon. It cost a large amount of money every month

Internet Network, Nicolella

1. My Local Area Network is Verizon. I have many devices on this network, and they are: iPhones, televisions, laptops, a tablet, wireless printer, and three game consoles.

2. While learning about networks, an OMG moment I had was that there were different cords for the different networks and there was a difference between Internet and Intranet.

3. I think that I would tell people about how your network has a different cord, and also how everything is connected someway together through either Ethernet or Fiber Optic etc. 

Wentzell's Home Network

The internet sends information to my Verizon Fios box which accesses different parts of my house using the hub. My hub has four ports, two of which are not used. The first port goes to my Ethernet cable on the top floor of my house and the other goes to the router. The router is then plugged into the TV using an Ethernet cable. The TV also connects to the PS4. The router connects to about 20 devices; including phones, printers, computers, and speakers, via wireless connection. That is my home network.

Home Network Asfaw

  • I have, in all, about 11 devices connected to my local area network, which is connected to my local router (wirelessly), which connects to my modem, which, in turn, connects to my internet provider via COAX cable to bring me internet
  • Nope, I did not learn anything new, other than what type of cable connects to my internet provider. And that wasn't surprising.
  • Know what type of internet you have, how it connects to your provider, if you have a wireless router, and basically everything to know about it.

ILP 2015

This is an interesting year. I would have to say Sophomore is the most interesting year due to the fact that we are able to complete ILPs. Every Wednesday I leave school early to go to one of my two internships. I currently intern at Morton Elementary School as Assistant Dean and also I intern with State Representative Joanna McClinton as her Youth Liaison. I am lucky enough to be able to go to two internships. 

My internships are very fun and I learn so much at both locations. Even though they are both two different fields they are both fields that allows me to engage with my community which I really love. 

As I continue my internship throughout the year I really can't wait till I actually complete my first layout and implement my first proposal in the Rep. office. But there have been many amazing things that have happened so far while interning. I learned the disciplinary system that SDP have in place. I also learned how to work with constituents.

It's very important that every school allow youth to intern. This is making my decision easier about what field I want to go into.

ILP first day's

My ILP is assisting Brenda Richmond, William Mckinleys school councilor. I wanted to do this to work on my communication skills because I want to go into themedical feild of ob/gyn. There is alot of things that can happen here and I wanted to learn how to break news and explain/ warn people to make sure they stay on the right track with their bodies and/or babies.

On September 30th I went to William McKinley Elementry to see if I can do My ILp there with the school councilor. She wanted me to get it approved for/by Jeremy that I can go and she wanted to send her a discription of what SLAs ilp all intitles So she can get it approved by their Principal.

On October 7, after emailing my advisor the previous dayor day of about my IlP whom instructed me to talk to Jeremy. I met With Jermy and He basically wrote a Permission Slip and Emailed her at discription of SLAs ILP and what we do there. After we got that situated. I talked to a young man about his behavier and all

On october 14th, I went to my ILP and helped six eighth graders review their highschool selection sheet/page and helped them eliminated schools they didnt qualify for and recommended ones they did and given them a list of that schoolsrequirements.

I think all went well. I am looking forward to talking to the students and helping them out.

Asher Swartz Why I Don't Have an ILP Thursday 10/15/15

I was planning on fixing this problem by meeting with Jeremy after school today. I had sent him an email and was planning to follow up as soon as possible. Last week I attended the meeting for ILP-less people, and sent the accompanying email. Since then, I have been in contact with my Grandfathers accountant. I have sent him a description of myself and what I need and intend to have. Hopefully he will be able to direct me to any of his clients with an internship position. If I had sent this earlier, maybe I would have an ILP by now. I have been looking for opportunities for ILPs, but have seen none. I am not in contact with many people who could have set me up, so I didn't have any options before the big meeting. This delayed me a lot, as I had to wait for the meeting which gave me a week to find one. I think it's important to look more intensely. I probably could have found one earlier if I tried, but I thought that the meeting would have been sooner. It's important to actually look hard, and not just assume there is a system set up for people not looking hard.

Jessica: ILP

  • ​What really went well with my ILP is being able to do it any where at any time, so I could get what I needed done on my time really. If I had something coming up Wednesday after school, I could do the grant research (My ILP) at another time. 
  • I'm really looking forward to seeing the company I am working for grow and expand, using my research. 
  • It's stood out to me how unimportant my ILP seemed at first, but then I realized that it's extremely important to the company I'm working for (Girls Thinking Global)
  • I think it's really important that these people recruited me to do this job without knowing about ILP's, which is AWESOME, since I can now complete their work and my work all in one, instead of trying to manage this plus another ILP!

Home Network, Larrabee

1) On our LAN, we have a desktop connected through a wire while all of the other devices are connected through wireless connections. These include 5 laptops, 2 tablets, 2 phones, and a printer.

2) I thought it was very interesting learning about how a page is brought up when you click a link. I didn't realize how far these messages could travel in just a few seconds. I also thought it was interesting how the page can be broken up into packets so that it can travel faster.

3) Something I think people need to know about ISPs is that after a while, they'll stop caring about you. When you're a new costumer, they'll do everything they can to keep you. However, once you've been with them for a while, they won't fix your problems and they'll raise your payments. 

Home Network, DeBrest

1. I have a lot of devices connected on my home network 3 tablets, 4 iphones, 2 printers, and 2 computers.
2. I learned that there is a lot more to the in internet than just connecting to wifi and making sure that you  have a good connection.
3. I feel like you need to know as much as you can about your network so if there is a problem you know exactly what it is. 

Home Network, Gerber

In my house, I have up to 10 devices connected to my internet at one time. There are 3 cellphones, 2 laptops, a desktop computer, a Nikon camera, a Sony speaker, an Xbox, and a Wii. We use most of them every day, but not the Wii and Xbox. Most of our devices connect to the internet wirelessly. The desktop is the only one that connects with a wire to the router. The rest use WiFi.

While we learned about our networks, I learned a lot about how the internet actually works, and about how a home network is put together. I was kind of confused when we first started this unit. I have an Apple router that is very visible in my house, and I thought that it was my modem and my router. I ended up doing the first assignment incorrectly because of this and had to go back and find my modem. When I went back, I was very surprised to see that it connects to my router through my walls! I had heard that this might be the case during out class discussions, but I didn't know it was like that in my house. I had definitely never seen the holes in my floor! I also learned a lot about how the internet works. I didn't realize that information travels through packets all around the world and into space to get back to you. I had no idea how much trouble my Netflix shows had to go through to get onto my screen.

We also learned about ISPs, and how they control how fast our internet is. This made me kind of upset. We pay so much money for internet and they can give us slow connection on purpose just because they feel like it! I'm not sure if this is a marketing scheme or what but it seems pretty messed up to me. This makes me appreciate it more when the internet is fast and works well, and very angry when it isn’t.

If I could tell other people something about their home network, it would be that they should know how it connects to the world. I think it is really cool to see how the chords go outside and into the city. We are all really connected in that way, which is interesting because people are so different most of the time. I think that they should also know about the big corporations. What we learned about how our ISPs might make things off limits if you don’t have their network is insane! People should be able to view whatever they want on whatever network they have. As we said in class, that might be a violation of freedom of speech, which is not okay at all. I know that I have strong feelings about this, but I would have never known about it without learning about my network. That’s why I think that others should get the chance to learn about it, too.

Home Network, Ortiz

1. Connected to my network is, 4 phones, 1 smart TV, a printer, 3 tablets, 2 laptops, 1 desktop, and 1 chromecast.
2. While looking at my home network, and how the Wifi is set up in my house, I learned that networks are very complex. Many things are connected together in order for the whole network to function.
3. I believe that other people should be informed about how their network is put together and how it works.

Home Network, Seing

My home network is with Verizon Fios, I learned that in this network I experienced and OMG! This lesson I found that I have an enormous of devices that connected to the router. I didn't know that there was a thing known as a modem that takes in internet for the router to send signals to my house. The interesting thing was that i didn't think that too many devices connected to the router can slow the strength of the wifi. While on the subject of the router, I didn't know it was connected to the phone line and we had to pay a large amount of money per year. I suggest everyone should know about the connections before getting the rip off of the network we be getting. 

Home Network, Roriguez

I have a total of 8 devices connected to my Internet Service Provider. Those devices are my family's 3 Iphones, my 2 house phones, our Ipad, our deskot, and our wireless printer. We use the internet on our phones whenever we need to look up anything on the internet or whenever we check our social media accounts. Next, we us our 2 house phones whenever we need to be reached and do not want to give out our cell phone numbers. Last, we use the wireless printer whenever we need to print out anything, such as an assignment for school, or a copy of an important document.

Throughout this entire process, I have learned many things that i didn't know went into me being able to have internet. I never though much of it until we began learning about it in Tech class. If i needed to inform someone else about my findings, i would tell them to basically look deeper. Everything looks simple, but if you look beyond the cover, there is an entire world of confusion out there.

My Home Network, Benamara


1.) My Local Area Network include my Dad's laptop, my own laptop, and my brother's laptop. All of our i-Phones are connected to the wifi at home also, this is a total of 5 i-phones. There are also, other devices connected such as 1 i-pad, 1 wireless printer, 1 TV, and my brother's Play Station 3. 

2.) I learned a lot of things about the network we use all around us. Something that surprised me was how much money it costs per year! It goes up to 1,500 dollars. WOW! I never thought about it. Learning about the network more, also opened my eyes and got me to be thankful whenever something is sent or I get where I want to get on the network because it really is complicated and hard to get everything started. 

3.) Something I would let others know when it comes to their home network is to be careful with what you do online. Be kind and watch what you go on when your connected to a certain internet, for example if you're on an inappropriate website because anything you go on is being recorded. Also, be thankful that your have a home network, in general because many do not and they don't have as many opportunities as you do with your ISP.

My Home Network, Lor

​1. I have a router/modem from Comcast. The things that are connected are my router are iphones- mine’s, my mother’s, brothers’, father’s and sometime sisters’.  I also have a printer, fax machine, home phone, and different tablets. We have 4 tablets- one ipad and 3 Kindle. Other things that we sometime use are Xbox, laptops, and television. These things are connected to my router wirelessly.  

2. While doing this project I found one interesting thing, it’s about the wires. For example`, I didn’t know that there were so many wires and I didn’t know where to put them or where they go. I found it interesting because each router has a different wire to make it work.

3. If I could tell people about their ISP, I would probably tell them the different wire that they use and where it will go. I would tell them like how some things you’ll need a wire if the modem is not wireless
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