The purpose of the Advisory class at SLA is to provide academic support to students and to foster a sense of community within the school. Advisory is a safe-haven for students founded on confidentiality and mutual respect. It provides a place for student to express themselves about issues that are important to them, including transitioning from middle school into high school, managing homework expectations, peer pressure, conflict resolution with teachers, and more.

Parents/guardians should view the advisor as their first link to the school. They should email/phone the advisor about matters such as extended absences and/or special issues, or to check on a student’s progress.

Parents/guardians and their child meet with their child’s advisor once a semester to review the student’s academic and social progress, and to discuss the student’s achievements and challenges. Whenever possible, students are paired with an advisor for their entire high school career. Therefore, advisors have the advantage of looking at a student’s academic and social adjustment to high school holistically and across disciplines. As students advance to the junior and senior years, Advisory discussions also deal with course choices and college-preparation issues and activities. Advisory meets Mondays and Thursdays from 3:05-3:50pm.