SLA students must dress respectfully in such a way that their dress does not interfere with another student's learning. In addition, all students are required to keep a white lab coat at school for use at important events such as EduCon, the Franklin Awards and other special days. 9th Graders will be required to wear their lab coats every Wednesday during the Wednesdays @ The Franklin program.

Students should be aware that teachers can require students to wear lab coats in class—many science teachers will require lab coats when working in the lab.  Students are expected to purchase their lab coat on the first day of school.

While students can put personal touches on their lab coats, we ask that they respect the uniform and the school community, and are appropriate in their consideration of decorations. Students can always speak to a faculty member to gauge whether a certain personal touch is appropriate. Students who inappropriately adorn their coats may need to purchase a new one. Students are expected to be dressed respectfully, neatly, and modestly in clothing suitable for school.