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Best friends Back In Time


Lucy lives in a small town of Overbrook. Overbrook has about 30 blocks and 85 people. The neighborhood is so small because there is a doom that covers the whole thing. 15 trucks are used to come and bring food and other necessities. The trucks go in through the one hole, in the doom. Lucy doesn't go out much because she only has one friend. Today is April 15, 2013, Lucy is in her room surfing the web, just like every other boring Saturday. Lucy could hear, her best friend, Molly running up the steps and through the hallway to her room. Lucy sat up and prepared for Molly's grand entrance, because she wouldn't be Molly if she didn't have one.

“Lucy! I’m coming in”, Molly says while out of breath.

Lucy gets up to open the door, she didn't want Molly to break it down.

“What kind of story do you have for me today? Did your dog go swimming in my pool again? Are you being sent to your grandparents house this summer?” Lucy sarcastically replies.

Lucy sits in the house all summer long. The farthest she goes is to her aunts house that is right around the corner. While Molly is always sent away they never get to hang during the summer. Every summer Molly’s family take really crazy vacations. Because her father is like the mayor of our town their family is able to leave and come in and out of the doom. The only thing is they are not able to stay out for long. Maybe a month or two at the most, but back to the doom they go.

“No, this summer Im not going anywhere” Molly’s face looks down. She was wishing to visit her cousins in Paris, but she can’t.

“So what is it, spill the beans” Lucy replies with a smile on her face.

If the time really here where her BFF will be around this summer.

“I found a way to become one of the popular chicks again”

“Popular? We could never be them,”

For the past two years both Molly and Lucy where bullied because of the way they looked. Lucy and Molly both wear their sister’s hammy downs so by the time they get the latest trends it is no longer in. When Lucy was in the 9th grade she had the most embarrassing moment of her life. It was her first freshman friday experience, and also her last. A 12th grader poured milk in her gym locker, going on all her clothes and shoes. So Lucy didn’t have anything to wear after gym class. Lucy raged with anger and considered hurting them. She knew during your freshman year you have to be nice. Well, that is if you want friends in your 10th, 11th or 12th grade. The rules of Overbrook high is to play as nice as you can to get your popularity. Sounds weird but mean people are not really popular unless you're the girls who bully me. I think its because their dad is the principal. When Lucy’s mother heard what happened she went to the school defending her daughter. She defended her alright, and also took away any chances she had at being popular. Lucy is now known as, ‘the girl who needs her mommy to fight her battles.’

Molly, is constantly picked on for associating with her. “Ever since my mom came to the school to defend me in 9th grade I will always be a loser. A big one at that, and no one could be seen with me”. Lucy added

“Look Lucy just picture this. We can create a new you. Even though it was one year six months and now 5 hours ago, you’ll be fine”. Molly said grabbing Lucy’s shoulders.

“Trust me” she added.

“What kind of magic tricks are you pulling from your sleeve now?” Lucy says while giving Molly a hug.

“There’s a program we could join and it’ll teach us how to be more popular.” Molly says with a worry voice.

Lucy doesn’t like to go out and do anything because she think all kids are the same. She thinks if even though people did not see what happen to her a year ago some how they all found out.

“Molly, now you know..” Lucy says but is stopped because Molly interrupted her.

“Molly, nobody ever likes me. Blah, Blah, Blah” molly says mocking Lucy because she heard it before.

“Lucy you need to stop begin like that, nobody else knows about it”, Molly adds.

The truth is because their neighborhood consists of about 40 different blocks, it doesn’t take a while for news to travel. When the next door neighbor's dog spot ran away he was found so fast because there wasn’t really anywhere he could go.

*Lucy’s mother knocks on the door and enters*

“Oh hello Molly, I should have figured that was you running up here”. Her mother says

“Hello Mrs.S, sorry I just couldn’t wait to share my exciting news.” Molly replies.

“Would you girls like anything to eat”? her mom asked

“No mom , now please go because you're ruining my life”. Lucy yells as she is pushing her mother out of the room.

“Okay sweety, have fun girls” her mother adds just before Lucy slammed the door

*Lucy’s mother exits*


It’s Monday morning the Lucy is getting ready for school. It’s the middle of the spring so her window is a little crack to let in a little air.

“Come on Lucy, we can not be late today” Molly yells from outside of the window.

“I’m coming, it take me sometime to get ready” she yells back.

“I dont know why” Lucy states to her self. “No matter what I put on they’ll find away to same something is wrong about it”. Lucy adds.

Lucy is now already and walk out the door to her mother's car. Lucy hates when it’s her mom turn to drop them off because then everyone will see her. So everyday she request for her mother to drop her off at least two blocks from the school. The girls enter the car and buckle the seat belts.

“You know Lucy I am not going to get dropping you guys off two blocks away”, her mother says with a demanding voice.

“I understand mom, but until I can become popular again I need this”, Lucys says grabbing her mothers shoulders where the chair is.

“I wonder what kind of joke they’ll have for us this morning”, Molly says staring outside the car window

“You know i’m really lucky to have to as a friend”, Lucy says to Molly.

At first Molly was homeschooled until she got into 9th grade.

She never really stated at the school but she  was transferred in.

‘You had the opportunity to become one of them if you wanted”, Lucy says

“Become what a bully?”, Molly asks

“You know what I mean Molly. I love the fact that you stayed my friend know that this would be your life”. Lucy says as a single tear falls from her face.

“Everybody out of the pool”, Lucy’s mom adds.

The girls exits fixing their clothes on the way out.

A piece of paper fly’s hitting Lucy in the face. She stops to see what it says.

“A young man is looking for a brave guinea pig”, Lucy says reading aloud.

Molly has already ran up a head so she won’t be late for first period. Lucy continues to walk slow reading more of the paper.

“Samuel Brooks has invented the very first time machine, and a brave person to try it out,” She added.

The bell rangs and Lucy runs the rest of the way to school. Stuffing the paper in her back pocket, she’d praying she lose it.


Both girls enter Lucy’s room after school. Lucy went straight for her bed leaving Molly to sit at the computer. Lucys turns the television up so loud is disturbed Molly.

“Do you mind,”? molly says as she’s covering both ears with her hands.

“Shh, and come closer have to show you something,” Luy replied

“What is it now,”

“The idea just hit me in the face, Literally,”

“Ooh noo, any idea you ever have is horrible,”

“Not this one, a guy build his own time machine,”

“And ……. what does this have to do with you,” Molly said while spinning around in the chair

“He needs test bunnies and I think,” Lucy was cut off

“Nope Nope Nope Nope,”

“You haven't let me finish yet,”

“Go on”

“We should go back in time and maybe become popular,”

“Don you know what would happen if my mom find out what I’m doing,”

“She won’t, Molly just trust me I’ll handle everything.”

Molly didn’t reply she just continued to spin in circles.


Molly has left for the night and Lucy is just in her room staring at wall. One thing she

always hated was thinking aloud. She wish she could control herself before she does it.

“Maybe, I would tell my mom that me and Molly are visiting her dad at his job and really go to the mans house. I wonder if we go back in time would the present still go on without us. Or would there even be a present still with all these things changing?” Lucy stop because she heard a noise outside of her bedroom door. “I’ll just go with that plan.

The next day Lucy woke up and hour then she normally does. In her house for some strange reason everyone seem to wake up at the same time. Lucy knew that is she wanted this plan to work her mom couldn’t be up to see her go. So she got dress really fast ran out the house eating a banana and holding the flyer. She went straight for Molly house. She has called Molly the night before so she could be ready and prep. The girls knew that their parents would be worried so they both left their mom’s a note. Molly saying shes with Lucy’s dad and Lucy saying she’s with Molly’s dad. They figured it would at least spare them a few hours until they begin to be worried. The girls arrive at Samuel Brooks house where they plan to become his test bunny.

“Who goes there” Samuel Brooks screams threw the door, loud enough that it scared the girls.

“Ummm, My name is Lucy and I read and ad about your time machine.”

“Yeah, what about it, don’t you and your friend thinks its a little to early to be here?”

“No, we would like to be your test bunnies and we need to do it fast and early before my parents wake up.”

The door creaks open and Mr.Brooks let the girls in

“It’s down stairs in the basement.”, he says point towards an odd looking passageway.”

The girls arrive down stairs and Molly is so scared she refused to answer any of the questions.

“So what time are you going back to” he asks why pushing buttons?

“When I was in 9th grade and the kid threw milk on me”. Lucy replies

She hopes that going back in time to fix the problem then Lucy and her both could be very popular.

“Okay, just step up to the mat and hold very still” Mr.Brooks last words before the machian took them away.


“This is not right.” Lucy yells

“What do you mean” Molly replies

“He didn’t send us to the past he sent us about year ahead!”

“Umm how can you tell”?

“Were standing on my lawn and you can hear the people inside singing happy 26 birthday”.

“Aww man, I say since were here we stay away and see how everything is.”

The girls knew that if they were to stay it would make two of them. So they went to a hotel and check themselves in under a different name. They plan to split in the morning to check out the future and so that way Lucy could try to figure out how to get back. The way Samuel BRooks set the machine up is he programed it to see the girls while they're there. In cases theres a problem or what not. But what he didn’t do was test it so unfortunately the product failed. What does this mean for the girls? Are they stuck?

“I want to visit my family and I would like to see how I am today.” Molly say to Lucy who is packing her bags.

“Okay but be back here @6:00, because were going back”

For the rest of the day while Lucy is running around town trying to remember where Mr.Brooks lives, Molly is spying on her husband and children.

Not know how this could affect their live the 16 year old Molly approaches her son. They talk and he looks at her strange the whole time. In his head he probably is wondering why his mommy looks so young. Or why his mommy looks like his sister.

“Hey Jacob, What are you doing the park alone,” Molly asks her son

“You brought me here with Sarah silly.”He replies confused on why his mom is asking dumb questions.

“Mommy did you know you can change the way you look”?

“What do you mean”

“Yesterday you turned 26 and you were begin to look old. Now today you’re as young as I am,”

“ Well Jacob mommy isn’t who you think she is,”

“huh, what do you mean?”

“I wish I could tell you, but right now I can’t because,”

In storms Lucy with a face as red as an apple. She seems to be a angry about something. And her begin angry means that something is not right.

“Look mommy, here comes aunty Lucy. She looks a little mad and young as well.” Jacob says.

“Umm, Molly I need to have a word with you” Lucy says

“Okay” Molly says in giving Jacob a hug before she walks away.

“So I don’t know where Mr.Brooks lives,”

“Which means what?”

“That we might be stuck her for good,” a tear falls from Lucy’s face. “If we can’t leave then we'll be caught”.

“Damn Lucy, I knew something like this would happen. When it comes down to you nothing ever goes right. I hate you and I wish I would have never been your friend”.

Molly runs away from Lucy. While Lucy is standing there looking in shame she hoped she didn’t mess things up. Until the girls find Mr.Brooks and he fizs the machine then they’ll be stuck for ever. And because the blocks are really small they need to hope that they don't get caught and thrown in jail. Jail is one of the worst places their town has. You don't eat and you basically die in there, just trust it is a horrible place. This story ends with questions being left behind. Will the girl go back home? Will they be caught and taken to jail? Let your imagination choose the way.

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The Diary Of A Shrew

The book “Taming of the shrew” shows a mans perspective on how to  train his women to obey him. In the movie “Diary of a mad black women”, also indeps the idea of how a women should be tamed. The “Shrew” Petruchio married Katherine a young girl who was almost forced

into it. Katherine attitude was no where near the greatest and she was just this mean hopeless

girl. She had a sister who was younger then her who wanted to get married. Because

her father would not accept the youngest to get married before the older, Katherine

had to get married. Inside “Diary of a mad black women” the main character is going threw a

tough divors. The moving guy and her falls in mad love. He calls her this bitter black women

and if kinda makes her more angry. Her character and Katherine has the same personality in a way. Both has this hate and angry for something. Katherine’s is not known why, but brend's is.

"She is my goods, my chattels;  she is my house, my household stuff, my field, my barn, my horse, my ox, my ass, my anything"

(pg. 133 Act 3. sc.2)

When it comes down to the Diary of a mad black women Orlando is playing this rebound person for Brenda who is not only hurt but is shameful. Orlando watched as Brenda is begin not only pulled out of the house she lives at for 18 years but is talked to nasty. His job there was to pack all her stuff up load it onto a truck and then take her on her way. He felt bad for her and wanted to comfort her. But begin "Mad and Black" things didn't work out in his favor.

After Brenda started to fall for Mr/Orlando some more her ex husband got in the way again. He got into the business at the wrong time. When at court begin a lawyer he lost his case and the man was sentenced to jail. The man turned around and shot him, he was rushed to the hospital and poor heart broken Brenda went running after him. Leaving Orlando on the the side lines confused on what needs to do.

After a few weeks went by of no contact of Orlando she finally received that what she was giving up wasn't worth it. She wanted Orlando for the nice he have gave to her and the way he treated her.

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Humanities Final Portfolio 2013

One of SLA’s core values are to be able to reflect on the work you have done. This year I done this have more than your fingers and toes can count, projects that I am proud to call mine. But as a struggling student there are also work  which is not good, but it  have helped me get to the good ones. I have jumped from poetry to sweatshops nearly everything in the past months of working with Mr.Block. The best part of it I didn’t write for a grade I wrote to express what I was feeling.

One day I wrote a journal entry answering a question that was always going threw my head. On the board of our english journal read “​Why do humans so often treat each others badly? And ....  What different thing change this cycle of negative behavior towards others.”  As a child growing up in the 90’s generation I have to deal with those who judge others a lot. I always wonder why something that someone else is doing affects someone else. The kids I have to grow up with leaves me with questions I do not even know if there is an answer to. Something I was raised around is “Sticks and stones may break your bone, but words will never hurt.”  I had a mouth full of things to write down for this journal! One of the ones I loved. (To read everything I wrote you can click here (English Journal 6 ) )

Thew out this year I have learned a general understanding that can make my life easier. The grades you receive never reflect your intelligence, It reflects your work ethic. To me this means that I have way more understanding on something I just don’t express it. I maybe one of the nerves writes I know. I have that general understanding on a topic, but sometimes I don’t always know how to express it. As I grow and I reach my college education level I now know I need to express myself a little more. For my younger cousins and or any other younger person I would love to them to know

I would never imagining learning so much from a teacher who teaching me two different subjects. Mr. Block is my wonderful history and english teacher.  Mr.Block has help me open my eyes in the world in such ways you wouldn't believe it. This has left me with not only understandings on the world but on my own work. As a student who has had a tough time in english and history I would never expect there is not only a fun way to learn but also an understanding way. I knew about the wonderful work Mr.Block has done because of one of his former students, but boy she didn’t inform me about this.

Here is some links to my work
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English Journal #6

​Why do humans so often treat each other badly? And ....  What different thing change this cycle of negative behavior towards others. 

You know Mr.Block I can not tell you what make these dumb people act like this. As a young child you might not believe this but I was bullied as a child. I was picked on and pushed around around and stepped on top of. I never did anything to the person or either the people. I am and always was the sweetest kid. I may have a thought they are insecure with their selfs. 

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English Journal #10

​Finish the following statement!
I wish I could...........

I wish I could start my life over. Starting with beging comfortable with  the way I look and the way I feel about myself. Don't get me wrong I love who I am, there is just something I can not do. I can not walk through a crowed of people with out feeling like some type of weirdo way. I always wonder what people may think when they see me so I lower my head in shame, but when you think about it what am I a shamed of. I don't know why this happens to me, but I really tired of this shit. I need a way to gain my selfasteam. When people come and talk to me first it makes me like oh ok I can maybe be a good freiend or person. 

I wish I could read people minds. So I can see what people think od me. To see weither or not the people who smiles in my face are really there for me. This is why I hate going to a new school and why I hate doing somethings. Because I live in fear that someone is talking mad crap about me and for some real ass reason im sick and tired of it and I wish so bad I wish that people didn't come off so dumb then I wouldn't want to feel this bad way. 

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THis is a story about a young girl who has to go through life worried about if her brtohwers and sister are ok with out looking out for her self. She faces alot of changes good and bad in her life by just living with her mother. Towars the middle I have choosen to keep my voice and other sounds in side of it. To reaveal the whole project it self. 
taleia 3
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Lang Auto Bio

For  our second benchmark mark we are studying languages within ourselves. I choose to write about the code switching I do between my friend, family,and to older people.

Language is how you speak. Everyone has a different way of speaking.When I’m with my friends I may come off as sarcastic or as if I do not care. When I really take a sad story and turn it into something I can cope with. But not every story me and my friends talk about that way is sad. When a person asks a question they already know the answer to we speak sarcastic. For example if you ask how many fingers a normal person has you should already know the answer. I look at my friend they will look at me and then we would start smiling. Next comes our sarcasm. We might respond with something such as “15” or to really laugh we might say “non, we do not know what a finger is.”

I thought that writing about this could help me really understand why I do it. I guess that if people knew what I do then they might stop acting dumb. Well those who read this. What does sracman mean to me? I think of it as a way to insult idiots without them realizing it. Am I a mean person for it? Well I don’t think so. I’m sarcastic 75% of the time, but that doesn’t mean that i’m never serious.

There was this time when abounce of my friends and I was sitting around a table. Of course there when outsiders there but when do they ever matter? We were talking about this youtube video about this girl who was dancing on a locker and she fell off.  We watched the video over and over again because it was funny. A Bi-standard walked by and was like omg did she just fall? We laughed again but this time not at the video at the dummy with a stupid question. I replied no she did it because she wanted to. She bumped her head because she thought she could become smarter. Everybody laughed. The dummy with a dumb question felt stupid. My goal is complete.  

Is what i’m doing a nice thing? Can people benefit from how I speak to them? Probably not, but the big question is ask me if I care. It’s not my fault that I think sometimes before I talk unlike most of the students that goes to my school. Asking question you know the answer to will get you nowhere. It’s like asking your mother how many siblings you have, when you live with all of them everyday. Or asking how many numbers is in the alphabet when you use a computer to make a living.

There are times where people ask question they know the answer to and you can not reply sarcastic. You must look at them differently and or begin to laugh.

Here’s a time when my sister said something that almost made me want to homeschool her my self. My father was mins away from getting a foot operation. He was telling us about the other operations he has overcome. One of them was when he had gotten his appendix removed. After he said it my younger sister turned around and replies “You have no kidney?”

What can you say to a question as such. Nothing you sit there and crack up laughing. You laugh until your “Kidney” falls out.

I use sarcasm a lot. my definition of it is I think of it as a way to insult idiots without them realizing it. I wouldn’t speak to someone who is older then me and is my family the way I do to my friends. I am not addicted to sarcasm so much that I use it every time. I know who I should use it on and who I shouldn’t. If my mom says something she already knows the answer to I’ll just answer it and not make her seem dumb. But if it is one of my friends well thats a whole new story.
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Pipeline monologue

Hi my name is Alisha Rothwell, and I am a student at Science Leadership. I have just finish studying about the Keystone Pipeline, inside of my 10th grade history class. I created three monologue that shows different point of views from three different characters. The characters names are, cindy (the high school student), Daryl Hanna (the old lady who was arrested), and a pipe names baby boy. Below i will post my three monologue’s that I made. Followed by on I re created.

My point


*a sound of the door slamming*
*talks to self, pacing back and forth*
How dare she tell me that I’m wrong??
Oh, it’s because I’m in high school sweety *imitating her voice sounding annoyed*
*phone rings, sits down*
Ugh who’s calling me? I’m not even in the mood.
*it’s her best friend*
Hey girl.
Did you do Block’s homework?
(mom starts yelling)
Hold on for a sec.
What?! I’m not eating.
Do we even have the money?
Don’t you think we should save some?
Because it’s too much money for transportation and relying on the pipeline to save us from being bankrupt is too risky.
No, that was just my mom getting on my nerves as usual.
She feels like because I’m 14 i’m not suppose to have my own opinions on the pipeline and our money habit.
Are you kidding me?
It’s the pipeline, how do you not know what that is?
Ooooh well they’re building a pipeline that is going to convert oil from Canada to Texas.
It’s suppose to save us a lot of money.
I heard Obama approved of it, but it’s causing a lot of controversy with those affected.
She does.
She works for them which confuses me even more.
I’m like, how do you work for a company that created this project yet you don’t agree with it?
See, I feel like this pipeline can help us in many ways su- (gets interrupted)
What do you mean?
You agree?
So you’re telling me that you think she’s right?
And why is that?
*long pause*

OH I get it! *emphasis on the OH* It’s because she works for them that she knows the ups and downs of everything they hide from the public.
Well I haven’t thought about it that way.
Hmm.. Well girl, I’m gonna call you back.
*hangs up and runs to her mom*
Mom! Mom! I’m sorry, I want to hear your side of the story.

My Story

*taping her foot*
My story...?
You wanna know my story?
*takes a deep breath*
Your government came storming in through my front door with papers.
I don’t know what kind. I couldn’t really read them because out of nowhere i hear the roaring from the trucks.
Loud noises!
There was nothing I could do, so I waited...
and waited..
I waited for them to go on their lunch break
I had an idea that if I were to stand in front of the construction, they wouldn’t be able to work anymore.
In the process, the workers were all yelling at me.
*becomes really agitated*
This one man had the nerve to say i was trespassing!
*in disbelief*
Can you believe that??
Hell no! I wouldn’t call it trespassing since I paid for this land with my own flesh and blood.
I mean if I didn’t y’all mother fuckers owe my mother and I about 65 years worth of money.
I paid 100 dollars a week to get my grass cut and trees trimmed, so my home would look nice and presentable.
What makes me so upset about this is that they gave us no warning. No time for us to react and make a decision.
*goes into deep thought*
Now that I think about it, We never really knew what they were doing the construction for in the first place until now.
Apparently they are making a pipeline from the South to Canada in order to transport hundred of thousands of tar sands to preserve energy.
I just think that’s pretty dumb. I heard Obama approved of it yet the north half of the country hasn’t been approved.
Wouldn’t it create global climate problems and cause carbon levels to rise? Doesn’t sound like a good idea to me...
*calms down*
I guess.
Yes, that is all.
My name is Daryl Hanna. My mother and I were both taken off of our property in handcuffs, accused for trespassing, and the judge did not make us do jail time but let us off with a warning.
This is my story.
The pipeline is still being built and we’re still finding a new place for us to live.
This is ridiculous.


(looks up)
Are you there?
( He has this confused look on his face)
( spots a note across the room)
is that a note?
(Reads it)
Dear Metal Jr.
The workers we spotted the other day are taking me away.
I over heard them say something about using me to convert oil?
Weird right?
but listen, don’t panic baby boy
mommy is going to be ok.
You might even get picked up and brought with me.
And hey they’re taking me down south.
Well remember when we seen that man on the big tv?
I bet you remember him. We were going on our daily roll down the street.
Well anyway his name was Obama and he decides whether or not we could do certain things.
If he becomes president again then I have a chance to come back home to you.
He approves of it down south, so thats where im on my way to.
You always wanted me to go on vaction right hhahaha.
Well I left you food and water by the mud pale thats under the big truck that hasn’t moved.
Grandmom should be on her way but you know her old rusty self takes forever.
love you baby boy, now it’s your time to show me what i thought you paid off.

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Descriptive Essays Time To Face My Fears

The thought of leaving of leaving them behind never crossed my mind. “Alisha Rothwell”, my teacher said as I walked up to the stage to get my 8th grade graduation  award. The time was here, I finally graduated just as my sister and cousin did, one and two years before I had. This is the day that everyone that was in the grade under me and everyone who watched the show “degrassi” dream for. High school was coming in fall! I could already see it, me walking into SLA the happiest kid alive. My hopes and dreams were ready for whatever high school had in store. But anyway, my middle school wasn’t like any other school. We went on trips, overnight trips, we traveled to big places. I went to college settlement camp for three days in the 5th grade, Canada three days in 6th grade, Virginia beach for 3 days in the 8th grade, and also Paris and London in the 8th grade for two weeks.

Paris and London were thus far the best places I have visited. Fourteen days away from my house my friends and my cell phone. Just me and kids that I have been going to school with for about 8 to 9 years. At the age of 14 the only thing that was going through my head was what could happen to a young child going away to somewhere far. I don’t think it was a good idea to watch the movie Taken the day before I left ... or was it? “Alisha, come on!!! the bus with not wait for anyone”, my mom yelled up the stairs as I gathered my last little bit of things for my trip. “Here I come I have to say goodbye to my things”. “But you don’t have time,the bus waits for no one” she said again, “ok here I come”. The time was finally here. A foreign country here Alisha Monet Rothwell comes. I hope they are ready for me! I can already see and hear it. French pizza, fish and chips, people saying things to me in french that I couldn’t even spell or begin to think about what It means.

“1,2,3,4,5,6,7......, So we have everyone here are you ready”? My 7th grade science teacher said out loud to herself. “I’m ready” I yelled in the back of the bus. As we drove down the 96, I kept thinking about how scared I were going to be on the plane. “P-L-A-N-E” I think I spelled it about a good million times to myself. I have never flew anywhere. I knew people did it before,that’s show my cousin came down every year of christmas. I never thought about how she felt when she were on the plane. “Take your shoes off and your belt, you can not have anything on you” the security yelled to the people in the line with me. My heart was pounding really fast, for some reason I got nerves.

It was about time face my biggest fears. This was a day I couldn't even think about without crawling up in the corner and crying.  It was my time though, my time to finally get over my fear. I feel like most people who have not yet came face to face with their fears,  will never feel the true feeling of success. Now the type of success you can drink a nice cold glass of ice-tea after. That kind you wanna kick your feet up and relax after you watch kids who has had have nothing but sugar all day. Yea I know what kinda feel that it is, Because this day me and my fear where about to join the curious together.

“Passengers, please but on your seat but the check engine light is on”. The captain said of the over head over top of me. This is it, people who don’t even know me is about to see me face my biggest fears. “Up, Up, and away”, my friend who was sitting next to. She smiled ear from with to regret or remorse, she was the readiest on on the plane. “Oh my gosh can you please stop this plane and let me off”,I yelled as the front of the plane sat nice and in the air while the back side didn’t.
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PYPM Alisha Rothwell

The Philadelphia Youth Poetry Movement is a Movement that allows young free wild and DOPE poets to expreses them self using words. One day I attend one of there big slams and was amazed on how students from different school came up on a stage and told the crowd a story.  Not any old story, but one that they felt deep down inside. And when one of the students would get thrown off or stubble the crown would stop and cheer them on I though this was amazing. I later on joined the PYPM team. I stand for our SLA poetry club along with others.A poetry slam is where kids from different school come on stage and performs a poem and judges rate them from 1-10. But all students already know that no matter what the score is we know that they did good. Slams are at the franklin insitituted. PYPM is good place for kid to let there voices be heard. I think that everyone should go to one of the slams because there big and good.Which schools speaking words?

Capa                                                        Girls High                           OverBrook             Youth Build

Plymouth WhiteMarsh                            Constitution                        Upper Darby

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Pen Pal Letter

Querida  Yurisis Herrera, 

 iHola! ¿Como estes? Me  llama  es   Alisha  Rothwell.  Yo  Soy  De  Filadelfia.  Yo  tango quince anos. Mi cumpleanos es el tres de diciembre.

 Yo soy muy alto.  Yo soy cómico, bueno y interesate.  Yo soy divertido y simpatico.  Yo soy mareno y bueno.  Yo soy el pelo corto. Mi gusta pizza.  Mi no gusta china.  Mi gusta la musica rap. Mi no gusta pop y classica.   

y a ti? Que te qusta hacer (en Maracaibo)?  Y  a ti? Que music te gusta escuchor? y a ti Que te interesa ?



        Alisha Rothwell 

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Pen Pal Letter

Querida  Yurisis Herrera, 

 iHola! ¿Como estes? Me  llama  es   Alisha  Rothwell.  Yo  Soy  De  Filadelfia.  Yo  tango quince anos. Mi cumpleanos es el tres de diciembre.

 Yo soy muy alto.  Yo soy cómico, bueno y interesate.  Yo soy divertido y simpatico.  Yo soy mareno y bueno.  Yo soy el pelo corto. Mi gusta pizza.  Mi no gusta china.  Mi gusta la musica rap. Mi no gusta pop y classica.   

y a ti? Que te qusta hacer (en Maracaibo)?  Y  a ti? Que music te gusta escuchor? y a ti Que te interesa ?



        Alisha Rothwell 

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