American Government Q2 Bm

Benchmark link to google doc. 

My America Government Q2 benchmark was finding 12 laws, cases, and offices 2 negative and 2 positive for each branch of our government, and find out how they affect me. When choosing the 12 laws, cases, and offices that were included in my benchmark the first thing I thought of was me. I thought about the things I do in my everyday life as a teenager and how the government wraps into that. The activities I perform, my education, safety, the rules I follow etc. I researched my laws, cases, and offices that revolved around those specific words and found the ones that automatically connected to me and placed them into my project. 
This process had its difficult and easy times. The easiest parts for me were analyzing how each law, case and office affect me personally and why. It was also finding either the  law, case, or office that I thought would portray this type of affect perfectly after fully understanding what the law was saying. That ties in to what I thought was difficult, the three most difficult things about this process were understanding some of the laws, finding the exact name, and locating laws/ offices with the Executive branch. Some of my laws for example the Keeping the Internet Devoid of Sexual Predators Act of 2008, I need to reread a few times in order to fully grasp the concept. I did understand the main task this law was trying to accomplish but some details and procedures were included that I did not fully understand. I also found it hard to find laws and offices that related to the Executive branch, because many bureaucratic functions effect me later into the future. 

I found my life to be more affected by the government as I grow older. There comes a lot more procedures that I have to go through in order to obtain the things I want or need in life and almost all of them have a connection to the government. The government is related to many aspects of my life, and what I go through as an adult is held onto their decisions. The laws they make, the cases that win or lose, the offices and their heads all decide the major aspects of what happens in my life when becoming an adult. Though they do not control my curfew, or the things I watch on television, they deal with my education, future jobs, and others. 
I enjoyed working on this project, not only because I learned how the government affects me, but also new laws, cases, and offices that set up the way I, we are all affected by our government. The people that decide many of the things that happen to the way its country is run. I learned information that I plan to continue learning and remembering.