An Artist Perspective

Believe it or not, we started this project out by drawing 3D boxes to endure the understanding of 3 dimensional figures. While doing this, we learned that when drawing 3D figures and the object is on the left you see the right, when the object is on the right you see the left, when the object is above the vanishing point you see the bottom, and when the object is below the vanishing point you see the top. After grasping the concept of 3D figures, we learned how to draw a ceiling that is formed by tiles. After leaning and understanding everything, we took a close look at the Art Studio, and had to try our best to draw everything how we saw it.

I took the concepts learned and took things step by step. First I drew the  obvious, the big window on the far wall. From there, I drew the floor and ceiling lines. Next, I took the ceiling, drew the best 60-degree angle, and had the vertical lines intersect it at multiple points. Then from the intersection points, I drew my horizontal lines, therefore creating my tiled ceiling. From here on out, I took the objects in the room and drew them where there were located, then made it 3D by taking the side of the object that we would see and brought the cornered lines back to the vanishing point, creating it to be 3D.

I think the hardest thing for me to learn was that when drawing in 3D; left is right, right is left, bottom is top, and top is bottom.

I think the easiest thing for me to learn was bringing the corners back to the vanishing point.

Tamatha Lancaster did am over-all well rounded job. Her work came to life once I laid my eyes on it. It was almost like I was really there. The way she drew her shades is also realistic, because people would draw straight lines, but she drew them as they were, crooked. I admire how Tamatha brought her work to life and hope that one day I will be able to put as much effort into my work as she did.  
My ART Drawing
My ART Drawing