Bureaucracy Project


   In American Government we were asked to choose a bureaucratic task and go through the process of completing it, and the task that I chose to complete was divorce.

    Divorce is a process that needs patience in order to be completed properly and without many complications. My partner and I had a few disagreements here and there about certain topics but other than that it went smoothly and we were able to "final our divorce." The complications that usually revolve around divorce are if children/child are involved, the different types, and amount of paper work needed to fill out. You also need to hire a notary, have a non-lawyer and a judge which if you do not have are roadblocks in the process.  The language of the paperwork is also confusing because the way certain sentences are phrased, if you are able to understand it, then everything is basically straightforward. 

   If I were able to change anything about the divorce process it would be the amount of paper work involved. I felt as if a lot of the paper work was repeated throughout the different packets that were required to fill out.

  The systems may have become much more complicated because in a larger country that circumstances have changed, resulting in unnecessary paper work.