Topic #2-


Asking and telling time-


Title- Don’t be late


Your going to need to know how to tell time and how to say it so here is a way im going to help you. It might take a while because you’re new to it but remember your going to be a pro very soon. Practice makes perfect!


(*Es la una – 1:00

*Son las (__hour__) – hour:00

*Es la una y cinco – Five minutes past.

*Menos cinco - :45

*Y media-Half past)


*Here are so way to say times in words:


Al mediodía – at noon


A la medianoche – at midnight


Alrededor de – around


De día - day


Durante el día – during the day


A tiempo – on time


En punto – on the dot


Trade – late


temprano – early

This is Emalyn asking Alexis the time so she isen't late for her meeting, but it sees that she is running a little behind... ¡AY, Díos Mío! 

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