Description of an artwork

This is a picture of two gods, a male and female, their names are Radha and Krishna.  In the background there are many peacock feathers that form the symbol Om. The background is the color orangish, brownish and gold, all three colors blend in together. The two gods are standing in the center of the symbol, with their feet touching the ground.

The male, Krishna, has a crown on his head with 3 peacock feathers on top and one away from the rest, on the left side. On his face he has a long U with a line in the middle and a dot on the bottom. He has hair that fall to his shoulders and is wearing earring, necklaces, bracelets. He is wearing a cloth from his waist to his feet's and he is holding part of the cloth on his arm. Around his waist there are waist jewelry. And his hand are holding a fault that is slightly under face. At the end of the flute there are three strings of beads hanging on it.

The female, Radha, also has a crown on her head but with no feathers. Radha's left hand is resting on Krishna's right shoulder and her head is resting on her left hand as well. She has a flower behind her ear, with her out behind her back. On her forehead she has a Indian jewelry called the Tikly. She is wearing a sari, earrings, 3 necklaces, bracelets, waist jewelry that has a long piece in the center. On her left hand she is holding, 2 pink water lilies.

On the left side of the ground there are 2 pink open water lilies and on the right there are 2 closed ones.