English Journal

English Journal 8:
Write a made up story about fall.

We sat outside on the porch. Looked as the rain slowly fell from the sky. I got up walked to the store and I turned around and someone was following me, he walked with two black dogs. He was looking right at me with a creepy smile on his face. He wore all black the dogs growled. I started to run. I could feel him gaining on me and I looked back only to find that he was a few feet away from me. I tired to pick up speed, but I just couldn't. I eventually came to a halt and looked back again, almost positive that the man was there. Behind me was the man and his leaches. I looked down only to see that his two dogs weren't connected to the leashes I turned back around and was tacked to the ground by the dogs. They barked, growled, and bit at me and I lost all my hope. Just as I stopped resisting captain underpants saved me. *Fin*