Future Leaders Advancing Self Help

​With my organization and support elsewhere, I am lobbying an idea to change the way Philadelphian's portray the phrase Flash Mob from its negative connotation to a positive one. Future Leaders Advancing Self Help via Mind Over Body is the acronym the spells out Flash Mob.

The issue with Flash Mobs are the kids have generally nothing to do that grabs their interest other then party and dance. In a nut shell, they use parties and dancing as promotion for themselves with the expectation to gain more publicity and recognition for being Philly's best party crew or dance team. Some of the events that are created through these goals turn violent, disruptive, and go sour really quickly, which is when media more them often refers to the children as a flash mob.

The only piece of legislation that has any correlation to Flash Mobs is the curfew which is broken down my age and location. In this Flash project, I'm not looking to change the curfew back to what it was originally, I am looking to change the image of the cities youth through having Flash events, program initiatives, supporters, and more to be examples of our cities progression int he right direction.

My support is the entire city of Philadelphia. So far, the people who've worked with me to push this initiative are Brick Bandits Ent, Party Krusherz Ent, DJ Damage, Jordan Harris of City Council, Tony Payton of the House Of Reps, Mayor Nutter, OIC of America, 100 Black Men Philly, United Philly, Ebony Suns Enterprises, The Enterprise Center, the Philly Youth Poetry Movement, and many many more