Hotel Party?

I spent most of my saturday with a friend. A good friend that I have come to know better and better throughout these last couple weeks. We chilled for most of the day before I decided that I wanted to leave and get my night started. All week I told some friends from school that I would not be attending their hotel party. Knowing that I would surprise them, I decided to show up and party later on that night when I was done spending the day with my friend. It took me forever to get to the hotel because SEPTA runs super slow on the weekends. I was so cold waiting for the bus to come that I thought I might end up going back in the house. Fortunately as I was just ready to walk back to my house, the bus came around the corner. When I got off the bus, i got on the worst train ride I've ever taken. I smelled poop on the train, and sadly it was a homeless man that carried the smell with him because when he exited the train two stops before mines, the smell exited with him. I was relieved to finally not have to hold my breathe for minutes at a time. When my train ride was over, i walked from 15th street at City Hall to 11th and arch. It was so cold outside that I was shivering from head to toe. When I finally reached 11th and arch, I stood in front of the Hilton Garden Inn. I walked in, took the elevator to the 7th floor and walked to room 701. Already with my jacket and hoodie off, I heard Mckelly's loud mouth through the door. I was laughing as I knocked on the door. "Who is it?" asked Amira. "It me, Tajh," I replied. The door opened, "Brooooooo," screamed Amira with a smile on her face. I was ready for an exciting night.