How Could You Do That?

“I hope to make people realize how totally helpless animals are, how dependent on us, trusting as a child must that we will be kind and take care of their needs ...[they] are an obligation put on us, a responsibility we have no right to neglect, nor to violate by cruelty.” James Herriot            

I agree with James. Animals  are like children they need love and compassion. I know for a fact because I have a 5 years old yorkie named Mr.Fuzzy and he acts like a baby. I knew taking care of a pet is hard and a lot of work but I would never abandon or neglect this little creature. My You and the World project is Animal Cruelty. Three of my other classmates are doing the same subject but I want to focus more on what makes a person abuse animals and what happens after. That’s the main question. Why does a person abuse, hurt or neglect a animal? Some say it’s because
  • The Person has anger issues and needs something to take it out on
  • The person uses the animal in fights for money
  • They don’t have the money to take care of the animal
  • The person doesn’t want the animal anymore
  • They feel abuse is a way to show love
  • They love animals so much the pet hoarding
Me I want to investigate more on this topic to see what makes a abuser tick. I chose this topic because I love animals. Ever since I was little I would care for every cute little furry animal I could find. I used to play doctor with my stuffed animals. I  knew in my heart I wanted to be a veterinarian. I’m somewhat a animal activist. I don’t believe in animal fur coats and boots. Or hunting animals for fun or money. And just plain old hitting an animal. To me it’s like hitting a person. It’s wrong and cruel. The animal can’t even stick up for itself it doesn’t have a voice. I always believed animals are just as human as us.  As I got older I used to watch Animals Cops and it was sad to see these poor helpless animals left basicly for death.

- This poor dog was left with another pitbull in the winter to die when it’s owner left them without food or water. The police found it when It was too late to save it-

And to me that was wrong. The after effects of being an abused animal is horrible.  Some would have mange hair. And more disease which were life threatening. Some animals could/will not make it from these bad conditions. Because they were left alone for a long point of time they could be antisocial and aggressive towards people. The humane society does their best to re-train the animals but some cases are so bad the only thing they can do for the dog is give it euthanasia and lay it to rest

Some animals don’t have it so easy. Death is good option compared to puppy mills. Those sad places are where humans breed dogs non-stop. Some of the puppies are forced to breed with family. Even at a young age they are forced to bree at a young age. And that could lead to birth defects in the puppy and death to the mother. The birth defects could be very costly to the owner which could lead to the owner on giving away that dog or abandoning it. I advise not to buy a pet from your local pet store, because chances are that pet has been living in a puppy mill most of its life. It takes a little longer but it’s worth it to adopt a pet from a local animal shelter. You would be giving a animal the home it deserves.

Out of all the bad in animal abuse and all the bad people who made these animals suffer there is some light in the dark tunnel. The human Society and the workers from the ASPCA are there to save all  the animals. They have dog catchers. And not the ones from cartoon these guys are true heroes. They go to these homes and take the animals out of bad conditions and give them a doctor's check up, food and a nice home. Some animals are lucky they do get adopted by a sweet person who will love them. Some aren’t lucky because these places aren’t government sponsored they don’t have money or space to keep all the pet. Some are so terrible neglected their only hope is to be euthanized.  With your help you can go adopt a shelter animal. Even if you don’t want to adopt go donate a little bit of money to any shelter. They are doing some good things to save helpless animals.

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Allison Kelly (Student 2016)
Allison Kelly

I think that the approach you are taking on this topic, considering others are also doing it, is very creative. In the first couple paragraphs just look over your grammar because some of it is unclear at times. Also, there is a minor mistake right after you list the reasons why some people may abuse animals. You put "a abuser", just change it to 'an abuser". Other than that I think you post was amazing! It had really detailed and interesting facts.