Is it ok ?

TV shows like Teen Mom and 16 & Pregnant is  either directly or indirectly celebrating teenage pregnancy and encouraging it. A recent survey by the Center of Disease Control and Prevention has reported that the rate of teenage pregnancy is not declining any more.According to the report, nearly 64 percent of the teenage boys found it acceptable for an unmarried girl to have a child and more than 70 percent of the girls agreed with the boys. What I am wondering is , why is this acceptable. Majority of the teen girl pregnancies have resulted in broken families, children who have been neglected proper care, health impacts on the young mothers and higher infant mortality rates. As the reader do you feel that birth control is safe , even though it's known to being 100 percent safe.Sex is a way of life. However, our last generation of the baby boomers made promiscuity a fashion. Sex is not sacred anymore. The results are unfolding in front of us as mothers who are themselves kids, and children who are sick, uncared for and who have a high mortality rate. It is in our hands to put a stop to teen pregnancies. Personally i think its not acceptable , but fallow me more for more info on why i think it might increase over the years nd this issue might grow.