Journal Entry #31

Up for Trial:

Multinational Corporations.

Us Consumers

Factory Workers

Poor Country Elite

The System of Profit

A Mike Daisy Article

  • Foxconn makes over 15 percent of all the electronics of the world. ( last year they made over 52 percent of them)

  • the foxconn in shenzhen has 430,00 workers (each cafeteria only 10,00 people. Only 25 rooms and they’re always full.)

  • There's always guards at the factories carrying guns

  • There was a photographer taking pictures not at foxconn but near the premises and he was held for two days and beaten.

  • there was a epidemic suicide at foxconn. a month after month of suicide. now theres suicide nets so people can’t jump off the roof.

  • Some factory workers are very young. Youn as the age of 12 or younger.

  • There are inspections on the factories. They inspect under age workers but the factory always change the workers on the day of those inspections.