Lend Lease Act Never Enacted


This project by far was a joyous experience. There were many things that had to be researched and imagined to make everything seamless. I greatly enjoyed this benchmark, as there were more of what my opinion was and how it could have been. Thus, if the research was done, one could easily imagine many scenarios that I myself wished could had been presented in this benchmark. By far the most, the best event that I investigated was the opposition of the Lend Lease Act, as mainly all the events that I focused on lead back to this one argument. Having a great impact, as there are many outcomes from one cause, thus my imagination ran wild with what could be concluded from this change. That it can only happen if the influence of a group or one is great enough that it could change history. I would have to say that the most challenging part of this project was actually putting it up, the primary and research to me was actually the easy part, while just spending time putting it together. Which if I had more time I wanted to have a flash animation about one of my source, which would be entertaining and amazement in my eyes as this would be an important event in history if this point of divergence was real.