Me and the world # 3

The problem between teens and pregnancy is that they think its ok. I believe they think this way because society made it that way . Sat's have changed drastically over time and I think that there can be many things that can help. I went to a focus group not to long ago and our focus was on Teens and the rates of there pregnancy. In the U.S., 7 in 10 women who had sex before age 14, and 6 in 10 of those who had sex before age 15 report having had sex involuntaril.Nationally, one-quarter of 15 year old females and less than 30% of 15 year old males have had sex, compared with 66% of 18 year old females, and 68% of 18 year old males who have had sexual intercourse.These statistics are something that needs to be taken into consideration. I feel that you should wait but if you choose to have sex you have to make sure that your safe. Being pregnant can change your life. Your forced to grow up , you loose your.Plus, raising a baby can be very expensive. Paying for diapers, food, formula, clothes, and other child care necessities can be a strain on any paycheck. And, as a working mother, you're much less likely to find a job that offers steady wages and adequate benefits.None of these tasks are easy . So why take the risk?

There is also evidence that teenage mothers are less likely to marry than women who wait to have children. Although many pregnant teenage girls want to marry their partners, only 20% of teen moms will walk down the aisle with the father of their child. The rest of these girls often find it difficult to juggle dating and life as a single parent , plus school work , and friends.  I don't know about you but this is enough information to make me think twice. So take these facts and information and think twice before you try teen pregnancy. 

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