Q1 AMGOV Benchmark - Story of a Bill "Campaign Finance Reform"

  • Q1 AMGOV Benchmark Rfrancis

    Reflection:  (PDF Attached below)

    Explain your decision making for choosing the bill.

    At first I was just trying to find a bill just to get the benchmark done, but when i saw the bill I found, I was really interested in looking into it. I used to ask my mom and some of my teachers how come some people buy and bribe the voters with money, and how come no one's doing anything to stop it, and I always got the same answer: The laws around that only restrict some of the money being brought in. So when I saw the bill, and started researching, I not only was happy I found my answer to a question I've been thinking about, I also was able to actually be engaged in it and produce a benchmark that I felt was original, creative, and interesting.

  • Why did you choose the particular presentation format?

    When I was little I used to do nothing but draw in my spare time, but as i grew up I kind of put it to the side, but I've always been interested in animations and cartoons. When Ms. Laufenberg said "don't make it boring" I thought at first, "how can i make it so people would actually be engaged in what i've made", and my first thought was "let's draw some cartoons". So what I did was I wrote each event at the bottom of the page, and on the top illustrated it as best I could, and I tried hard to make it pop out to the reader. I made it so even a kid could pay attention to it, but it could also be presented to adults

  • What challenges did you overcome in completing the project?

    I didnt find my bill till a week and a half before the project was due. I had so much trouble finding a law, I was gonna just give up, and BS some random bill and call it a day. but when I found the one I liked, it was easy to stick with it and execute a plan for it's completion. The second problem I encountered was getting it scanned. When I was doing the project, I completely forgot it had to be electronically published, and I had hand drawn all my illustrations..

  • How would you do the project differently if you had to do it over again?

    I probably wouldve done it electronically, or established a plan to actually, draw and get the pictures scanned before the due date. I feel as if that was my fault for forgetting that.

  • What did the research and investigation tell you about the creation process... from idea to bill to law?

    It told me basically the history of the actually "why" the bill was presented. It showed me that there was a problem going on in Politics, and people not only saw the problem, but moved to fix it. i feel like when people in government positions realize there is a problem that needs attention, they start coming up with ideas to better the law system so they can be in control of each and every problem that has arose over the years

  • Was the process easier or harder than you imagined based on your particular bill/law research?
it wasn't anywhere near difficult. It was simple to me, I felt as though I just needed to gather facts and find away to present them that wasn't a boring slide with words on it. I felt like this project helped us learn a way to be more creative and to think outside the box with history. Anyone can put words on a page, or write down what they found. But it takes some effort to be creative and to execute a plan​
Q1 AMGOV Benchmark Rfrancis