Right TO Assemble

  • Why did you choose this topic?
    Well, I was originally working alone on a different project, but then i realized it would be a load. Then I spoke with my colleague  and began the process on  The Right to Assemble. 
  • What did you like about this project? What was most challenging?
    Well I feel like this project was very  informative. Working with people on topics in the nation, that are important to us. But more so to the fact that working with people who have done work dealing and being apart of Initiatives like " Future - Leaders - Advancing - Self Help. Via Mind Over Body" .
  • Describe the most interesting fact or event that you investigated.
    Well, this may sound crazy or courageous but I actually never knew what "Fracking" was. Until Doug  spoke on it  during the brainstorming process in this project. 
  • How could this project be improved?

    I feel like if it could have been longer, we would have invested in putting more information in it, and also being able to put more and more examples for the project aslo.
  • Where did you run into trouble with the project?
    Well I feel like finding the information for the project such as  you know like fracking, but over all there weren't really any problems that I've encountered through out this project process. 
  • What went well with this project?
    I feel like through out this project we had fun, and thats the thing with doing work I feel like being able to have  fun, and actually getting the work done. 
  • If you had it to do over, what would you change about your decisions or your process?
    I fee like I would do the who project over more so add information and if it could be longer ,I would have been able well more so we would have been able to add more examples. 
  • What did you learn?

    I learned a lot about you know people and the people i worked with and also, like I never really knew anything about the marcelous Shale. I learned a lot during this process.