Spanish Q1 Benchmark

The purpose of this project was to teach Noah, a friend of Señorita G, Spanish. We were to design a video that would explain the main topics to discuss, which  were present tense and past tense verbs.  We Our goals Ask others about what they did this summer. Name of game show: Fui en el mejor espectáculo de prueba en el mundo! Talk about what they did this summer Communicate with others The viewers will be able to enjoy speaking español. Most importantly have fun. Our group reflects on our collaboration and realizes that there are a lot of improvements that we need to make for future projects such as, time management and dividing up the work properly in the beginning to have each role run smoothly. One of the things we are proud of is our ability to come up with interesting ideas and thinking out of the box to apply Spanish in a way that would captivate an audience as well as inform effectively. A few questions we would ask Noah are - Did you prepare for your adventure to a foreign country? Why was it so important for you to travel to a country where you didn't speak their language? What complications did you face when transferring cultures and languages? What would YOU have done different if you could start your voyage over?

-Jessica Hinton, Mike Sanders, Cheyenne Pagan, Rebecca Rainis